Roses are red

When I browse through many, many pages of beautiful creations at etsy, I keep wondering where those talented people get their inspiration. Do they find it from the books, magazines or movies? Or does it come from the nature: just seeing a beautiful flower, bird or a butterfly?

For me the old fabrics are an endless inspiration. I keep wandering around the thrift shops (all five of them that we have in my not-so-big hometown) to look and touch piles of fabrics. And sometimes, when I see a fabric or trim or even a button, certain idea pops into my mind.

On the other day I found this old table cloth and beautiful matching vintage trim and just saw what sort of purse those would make together. I hesitated for a second because I felt the colors were a bit Christmas-spirited but with white wool... I just had to give it a go even it is June. And I think I was right: it turned out beautiful (even I say so myself):


They got each other yesterday *sniff* and my coasters made it into this happy couples-treasury, most perfect day of all.

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Oh it's beautiful Mia, really lovely. Bethx

Mia said...

Thank you, Beth!

Happy week :)


Anonymous said...

Yet another beauty Mia! :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thank you so much again, Vivienne! I like this one too a lot :)

Happy Tuesday!


Anne said...

Hi Mia,

Soooo lovely. Roses are perfect for all seasons. Thinking of you and your family.

Greetings from America,

Mia said...

Thank you Anne,

And this is so wonderful: I was just thinking of you when I cleaned my crafting space last night and saw the prettiest fabrics and trims you send me :) I had an idea for a new bag when I saw that pretty sausage dogs fabric...

...after next week...holidays...

I am sending the warmest, sunniest and most wonderful Midsummer greetings to all of you from Finland!


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