For the love of birdies

When you love something, more of that thing is better? Absolutely. That´s why I keep making birdie bags and hooray, I just realized that three (done two several times already) can be added on top of an another: a birdie tower, here you are! Looks so cute (biased or else again) that we are going to see them in future in various colors. That´s a promise.

We´re celebrating a birthday in a family today and I am supposed to provide everyone with delicious pie in three hours, and I haven´t even shopped the ingredients yet (not to mention I haven´t decided what sort of pie I shall be making). What does one do? Starts knitting an another bag. Naturally.

I am now off to shop (after just one more row, I promise!), happy weekend!



Anonymous said...

Oh I know that old 'just one more row' story!! Have used that one myself. :)
Enjoy the birthday party, have a lovely weekend and get your pie made!!!
Vivienne x
P.S. Love the birdies!

Mia said...

Thank you Vivienne, and surprise (mine at least!) I managed to get a delicious salmon-leek -pie done and we had great time! Now I have time to knit and watch football :)

Happy weekend!


Brittany said...

I too am a cat/bird person. Love your felt bags. You are very talented.

Mia said...

Thank you so much Brittany! Your blog looks beautiful, I´ll definitely be coming to visit there later again!

Happy and hot (it´s hottest summer here in 30years or something!) greetings from Finland!


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