One man´s trash is another man´s treasure

I think I have talked about this earlier but I love the fact, that my friends know what I like and need. My house is well-know place to dump -oops- donate all fabrics, buttons, zippers and yarns others do not need. And some of my friends even shop for me "I found the fabric that is SO you" or "I bought one hundred zippers in all colors, they were dead cheap and so YOU" or like those handles above "This bag is dirty and zipper is broken but hey, look at the handles: they´re SO YOU!".

And they were indeed - look at this bag:

I have had three sets of wooden handles for quite a while already (all appeared at my doorstep as described above) and now I finally got first ones used. And I love how the bag turned out! It has needle felted flowers both sides (that´s new, too) so you can grab it in a hurry and it´s beautiful either side up. I am now off to knit some more in sun (yes, it´s sunny, HOT and beautiful here) and my head is full of new ideas - I promise to show them to you later!

Happy day!


Anonymous said...

It's lovely Mia, the handles work perfectly and I love the brightness of the flowers against the white background.


Mia said...

Thank you, Beth!

Have a wonderful and sunny day!

Sunshine from Finland!


Anonymous said...

Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thanks Vivienne! I loved your strawberry bag too :)

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