Fly, fly little bug

When I was a child, I liked ladybugs a lot. They definitely were more common around here then, also. In summers we saw them every day, and oh yes we also had them in big glass jars with some green leaves to munch. They were left outside for a night and were always gone by next morning.

As I am getting older the summers seem to be shorter and less sunny, and there seem to be less butterflies and bugs around, too. I definitely spend more time indoors now but still - where are all the cute little bugs? Jane has them around, lucky girl!

I have been making many different bugs (ladybugs and other little creatures) for my bags, pouches and key holders. All the bugs seem to be quite happy and they appear in all colors possible. My bugs are often also paired with birdies, and they're definitely best of friends, do not even think otherwise. I make them to make you smile - and I think it works?

Colorful Tuesday!


Jane said...

Mia your felted bugs are the best type to have, they will never cause any harm, just bring a smile! I love that you call them ladybugs...I wonder why we call them ladybirds...the joys of language...
Have a colourful buggy day, I enjoy seeing them all brightening up your fab bags.
Happy Tuesday,
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you Jane!

In Finnish language we call them leppäkerttu or leppäpirkko where the last parts are quite common Finnish names for woman (Kerttu and Pirkko) and neither has anything to do with with bugs or birds ;)

I am making more little bugs as we speak, and I'll show them to you later. Have a great day!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love your little bugs Mia! :)
You are right though, there are not so many anymore. In fact I rarely see a ladybird in my garden, perhaps a bit more sun round here would help.
It is shining today though, let's hope it stays!!
Have a good day.
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thank you, Viv!

It´s cooler here today yet sunny and I think this is quite perfect! I hope you have sunshine too for this whole week :)


periwinkle said...

they definately make me smile and I totally agree about the lack of bugs, there were definately more when I was younger ..

Mia said...

Thanks Lisa,

and I am SO HAPPY others have noticed the lack of bugs too, I am not just imagining :)

Happy Tuesday!


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