For the love of...languages, what else?

I have spent most of this morning online. Yes, that's something I probably would have done anyway, but now I had a real purpose. I wanted to sign up for one of those rare interesting courses that there are available in this city - starting this autumn. The registering system is somewhat annoying: you need to be online on a certain time (and date) and try to sign up as fast as possible (as they only take 8-24 quickest depending on a course). Yes, it can only be done online - I still remember the good old days when we used to camp outside the registering office to enroll into jazz dance or aerobics, which both really sound like good old days to me today. It seems now, though, that both me and my sis are in, and all I have to do still is to pay the (hefty) bill they´ll send me (oh yes, these courses are not cheap and by no means free) and hunt down the pricey textbook and then I just may be in that class. But hey, what wouldn't I do to make sure that when I bump into him, I'll be able to introduce myself clean and clear? Yes, I knew you would agree.


While stalking the registering I have finished some new tweets too. Some are saying that quite literally this time too, and some just hang around with rather skinny looking bee. See yourself, please, I am now off to make some coffee to celebrate my incredible speediness this morning!

¡Que te vaya bien - hasta pronto!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Now how did I know when I saw 'him' written in your blog post that the language would be Spanish!!!!! :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...


There are some other (not that significant, thought) reasons to study Spanish also, Viv, please believe me! I love the language etc. ;)

Have a wonderful day!


Jane said...

;0) Yes I would like to meet HIM too!! I have re enrolled for my silver smithing class starting in September but we were able to do so in person, on the phone, by letter and on line!
Glad you got a place Mia,I envy your langauge skills it puts me to shame! I love the new Tweets.
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Hi again, Jane!

There will be a possibility to phone also in some weeks for places that someone booked but didn't pay or something but I don't think that is a great chance to get into a course you really wanted. I am so happy we managed to get our places, happy happy happy...

I am also so happy you have courses coming too, silver smithing sounds wonderful (yet difficult?)!

Happy day!


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