I love 80s (and other significant facts of me)

I visited the wonderful Vivienne at Green Rabbit Designs yesterday, and she had just received a Versatile blogger award. Congratulations! She was asked to pick 15 great blogs and give them the award. She didn't (as I couldn't possibly either) pick specific fifteen but gave the award for all the blogs on her blogroll. And there's mine too! Thank you dear!

I haven't had an award earlier so I needed to check the rules still once. So here we go...
  • Say thank you for the person who gave you the award!
  • Tell 7 things of yourself!
  • Award 15 wonderful bloggers who you love to read!

I want to follow on Viv's footsteps here and award everyone on my "I love to visit"-list, you all deserve it! And here I leave you enjoy your weekend with my 7things, happy Friday, everyone!
  1. My (current) favorite authors are John Irving and Michael Connelly (and many others)
  2. Pink is absolutely my favorite color, but I mostly wear blue, gray and white
  3. I hated sewing and sewing machines still three years ago
  4. I am a blond (thanks to my lovely hairdresser)
  5. I love everything 80s, the books, TV-series (Jackie Collins, Dynasty, Murder She Wrote...)
  6. I am quite tall, almost 1,77
  7. I cannot drink coffee with sugar (just some milk, thank you)


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Thanks for the lovely mention Mia.
You so deserve the award!
We have so much in common, I too am blond thanks to my hairdresser!!! I also love everything about the '80's, the clothes, music, hair, make-up! If I could go back in time that's where I'd go to, I also like the age I was then too!!! :)
Sun is still shining here!
Have a great weekend and I'll 'see' you at the end of next week. :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

That is amazing, Viv, that we love same things (and we're two blondes, yippee!)- I would love to see the 80s too again! Even though when I see teenagers here dressed like... We would do it so much better, don't you agree ;)

Have a fantastic weekend and fab time in London!

the other blond

Jane said...

Hi Mia, how lovely and such fun to hear those little snippets about you.
I am dark haired and luckily just managing to stay so without the hairdresser-LOL! I have also learned to live with my very straight hair athough I am ashamed to admit I did have an awful perm in the 1980s!! But I think everyone did!
Have a great week end,(it's a bank holiday here) It's my friend's party so she will be wearing her new jewellery and even the sun is due to shine!Can't wait.
Love Jane x

Mia said...

Dear Jane,

I sure had that perm too (with MEGA-BLOND HAIR) all the way from the end of the 80s to 1992 - I even have it in my graduation picture :o so been there, done that, darling :)

I hope your weekend will be sunny and bright and you'll have most fabulous time in your party!


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