No worries (yeah right)

The rush is still here - and I love it! It tells me, that my things are liked, and that it's all been worthwhile. I know, I know, summer months are slow, but I still start to worry. Every single time. I start telling my family and friends on March already: "June and July will be slow for me with sales and then I'll have some holidays and make some stock and the main think is that I will not worry!" How much do I fool myself?

This year was a bit different though. I was still working 8-16 on June and had many things in my mind on July. But I still worried. My dear sister is the one who always hears it most (my moaning) and she knows better than remind me about my earlier IWILLNOTWORRY-announcement. She kept assuring (like every year) how it's the holiday season and it'll get busier... She should get a medal just being my sis, really.

So now it's getting busier and better. I am worrying (yes, I worry a lot) how I'll find time for blogging now. If I just stopped worrying and used that time for something productive... But nah, that just wouldn't be me.

Worry-free Thursday!

P.S. Those tweets on that picture above are the same ones that I showed you yesterday. The gadget made its trick with shaping, and I made the rest, and they turned out cute. Phew...I was worried already that...


poppet said...

love the yellow one!

Jane said...

Mia you should never worry, your bags sells themselves, they are so clever and well made. I love these new cell cosies, so bright and cheerful, I can almost hear them tweeting from here in England.

Have a worry free day, as we should all know "Carpe diem!" Yesterday has past and worrying cannot change tomorrow.

So enjoy today ;0) Love Jane x

Plastusia said...

Sweety little bags!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you'll ever have to worry, your work is great but I totally understand the panic during the quiet season.

Heres so a worry free September (and the rest of August).


greenrabbitdesigns said...

You've absolutely nothing to worry about Mia, your work is great!!
So don't worry and enjoy the whole process of making. :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thank you so much, poppet!


Thanks dear Jane! I know I shouldn't but I guess I just am a worrying type? But I trying not to, I promise!

Have a lovely day - I am enjoying mine now as I just posted a huge parcel of custom orders!


Thank you so much, Plastusia! They tweet you thanks!


Thank you, too, Beth!

And as I said to Jane already, I know I shouldn't worry but...You know how it is! I salute for worry free rest of the year!

Have a wonderful day!


Thank you too, Viv, I am now so much less worried than this morning as I have shipped the custom items (and yet not worried whether the package gets to it's destination...) so I am having a great day with sunshine! You have one too!


Anne said...

Hoping for more busy days and less worrying days.....
It has been a slow summer.
I hope your bright wool, birdies and bugs will cheer you up today.


Mia said...

Thank you Anne,

and I think it will be really busy for both of us very soon :)

And I am in great mood already, as I got the custom order done in time, yippee!

Happy thoughts from Finland!


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