Self pity on its best aka Saturday night fever

I am feeling somewhat sorry for myself. I am having the summer-flu of the century, and outside sun shines and it's almost +30c already. I have made a nest on sofa, drink hot tea and watch Murder She Wrote on DVD (well those episodes I love but cannot really follow the plot with all coughing, sneezing and nose-blowing). I am too tired even to knit and my eyes hurt. Wonderful.

This weekend's essentials (replace the coffee with some tea&honey every second cup)

I wish you all a great weekend and I'll be (hopefully) back with better stories and some pretty pictures on Monday. Oh, I am feeling a bit better already just thinking of Monday (that's a first!) - see you then!

Feverishly yours,

P.S. What brightened my day very much was my birdie-pouch being featured in Sharla's beautiful blog! Thank you so much!


Pam said...

What a shame Mia. Somehow flu in the summer always feel worse. Hope you're feeling so much better by Monday.
P xx

Kerry said...

Hope you feel better soon- detective tv is very watchable when you are unwell. i loved the foxy bag yesterday, really fun. Rest up

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Hope you're feeling much better soon!
Like the way everything in the photo coordinates including the medicine! :)
Take care and hopefully have a lovely weekend!
Vivienne x

Jane said...

O Mia you poor thing, flu is horrid at any time of year but almost worse when it's so hot out!

See if that Mr F(ox) can put on his nurse's hat and look after you
Take it easy and have a peaceful weekend.
Love Jane X

Mia said...

Thank you all so much, I feel much better already because of all you get well soon´s! I am trying to rest and enjoy a (sort of obligatory) peaceful weekend - you all have a great ones with loads of sunshine!

I'll see you on Monday again!


BeadedTail said...

I hope you feel better soon and are able to have a wonderful weekend! Thank you for mentioning my Friday Features! Your little owl pouch is adorable and I'm happy to share it with my readers!

Get well sooon!

Mia said...

Thank YOU for featuring my pouch! It made by poor day WAY BETTER! I´ll be resting now and wish you the greatest anniversary weekend!

Sunshine from Finland!


poppet said...

Hi Mia, I'm new to your blog and have just checked out your etsy shop - you make really lovely bags. I'm very tempted by your foxy bag.

Hope you feel better soon,
c x

Mia said...

Hi Poppet :)

I am so happy you found your way here, please feel most welcome! I visited your shop&blog (only quickly as it´s VERY late and I SHOULD be in bed) and your cards are so pretty! I´ll definitely be back later to read more - please enjoy mine!

Happy week beginning!


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