Small, smaller... and the smallest

I have talked about crafting from fabric scraps earlier already, but it just still seems to be so very hard for me to throw any fabric out. No matter how small piece (patch, strip, rag - you name it), I keep it because I might need it... later.

I also have mentioned (alright a few times?) my love for tweed. And moaned about the lack of it (even I managed to score some gentlemen clothing, my tweed-stash is still almost non-existent). These together cause a serious problem: I need to use the teeniest scraps too.

There were the tweed bags first, then pouches, then smaller pouches, coin purses and last (and also least) came keyrings. Tweed and some birdies, too. There seem not to be a scrap so small that I couldn't fit in a birdie. But yes, I am so happy I have managed to use even the smallest and darn cutely, too (even if I say so myself) - or what do you think?

Happy hoarding!


Kerry said...

There is something about miniature things, I love the teeny ones!

Mia said...

Me too, Kerry, me too!

Have a wonderful day and happy sewing with your new machine!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Cute and gorgeous Mia !! :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Thank you Vivienne, and I am so happy you´re YOU again here ;)

Happy and sunny day!


Jane said...

Hi Mia,

I too think that the tweed fabric lends itself so well to your sweet birdies. There is room on even the smallest scrap for one (or even two)of them, they really bring the fabric alive...hmmm..can they actually tweet?!?

Have a great day,
Love Jane x

Mia said...

I think so, Jane, and you can ask yourself in day or two, too ;)

Happy day to you, too! It´s SO HOT here but hopefully it will rain soon (looks like it!) and I am staying on my sofa knitting...wool at +30C - I´m getting used to that!


Pam said...

They are very cute and also very desirable. They should definitely be part of range for the future as well as now.
In fact I may have to have one!
P x

Mia said...

Thank you Pam,

I am doing just that: creating sort of range(s) of items I want/can/will make and have in my shop later on. It takes time to design but once I've done that it makes "work" so much easier.

Tweet-tweets from Finland again :)


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