Light a candle

When the days get darker, I get my candles out. I burn them every single day from August to March (and sometimes in summer too). I love the real candles with their lively and beautiful flame but since there are some smaller hands around helping out, I use led-ones too. When it's dark, their light is beautiful too.

I have some real lights too I only use in darker seasons. I have these colorful, flowery ones which went up in July already, and then they'll be replaced with Christmas lights in November. I also dream of colorful lightning to garden, those hanging colorful bulbs going from tree to tree. But looking out the window (rain, wind and storm) has put me off buying those, maybe next summer...

Candles also help when I am tired and stressed, and oh, how they help in the evenings when the house is a bit messy and I have no energy to tidy it up - just switch off the lights and light some candles here and there: the house looks perfect - cozy and instantly much cleaner. Try it, friends, I guarantee it works!

Light to your Tuesday!

P.S. It's so dark here that the pictures are...well let's just call them cozy too?


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love candles too Mia but I'm still not in autumn mode yet despite the weather!
It's still dull here but at least the rain has stopped. It rained the whole day yesterday non-stop!
Vivienne x

periwinkle said...

I like candles too , helps to hide the mess lol.... the rain has well and truly arrived here today. I've just had to drive to Hubs work to take him some dry clothes as his others were soaked !!

Mia said...

I know, Viv, that you still want to keep your summer close ;) but here it's definitely gone. It's not raining here and I am off to my Fernando -oops- Spanish-lesson next :)

Happy Tuesday!


Mia said...

Hi Lisa,

I am happy to hear that others use that "cleaning-method" too ;) We have alright-weather here today, hope yours dries up a bit!

Happy Tuesday!


ANNE said...

I like candles too. Love your Finnish glass candle holders. Good luck with fixing up your home.

Anne (-:
Plum Creek22

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

and I love those Iittala Kivi candle holders, I have them in many colors. I still would love to get red-ones but they're ridiculously expensive but they would go with my red Marimekko Mariskooli-bowl... I am crazy I know :)

Happy, happy week from mad-renovation-house!


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