Pretty storage

I have a thing for storing little things in pretty boxes. I love tin boxes, but have some cardboard ones too. Tin boxes I cannot buy single, they seem to move in here in sets of two or even more often three.

What do I store in my boxes? In kitchen tea and coffee. And I have one for all possible cables and battery chargers (two for cameras, three for cellphones, one charger for all batteries - just to mention a few) and batteries. Then there's one for sewing: needles, safety pins, poppers and hooks. One I use for pens and one is filled with tea lights.

I decided earlier, that I do not need any more tin (or other) boxes to my house. But now that we're re-doing upstairs and I'll get a brand new room for my crafts! What if my old boxes do not fit? Color-wise I mean. I'd better to take a look of their net catalogue (we used to have their shop here but not anymore *sigh*). Just in case, you know.

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Friday is an official nephew-auntie -day around here, and I'll be busy all day. I might not find a gap to post, so if not: Happy weekend and I'll see you on Monday again!


Jane said...

Good morning Mia, I'm back and have missed reading your blog! Great to catch up on your news and I'm glad to see that you are getting packed up ready for your renovations.
I too have lots of storage pots/tins etc and I think it makes things so much easier to find.Also much prettier!
I will be blogging again later today so do come and see what I got up to on my holiday...such a lovely time!
Happy Thursday to you too.

Love, Jane x

Mia said...

Good to have you back, Jane, and I hope you had the greatest holidays! Our house (downstairs that is, upstairs I do not even enter any more) is a mess, piles off stuff everywhere. I am looking forward to seeing you beautiful holiday-pictures and dreaming of traveling away of this all ;)

Happy Thursday to you too!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I love boxes too Mia. Your top picture are all Greengate I think, I love them. I have a plate in the same pattern as the biggest box.
Have a lovely day with your nephew tomorrow and a great weekend!
Sun is shining here, about 20 deg. and lovely!! Hang on in there summer. :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hi Viv,

And yes, the bigger boxes are by Greengate and I love their products! I have a quilt by them and would have many more if I was rich :)

Have a wonderful weekend too!


Glenys said...

Lovely boxes. Do they rust? I had some tin cans from cookies but they rusts overtime and I had to throw them away.

littlecottonbluebirds said...

Hi Mia, Oh I know, a tin can stops me in my tracks when I see them. I store so much in them often I am surprised when I peek in them, forgetting what I had put there. Have a wonderful weekend, being a auntie is delightful.

Hugs, Dani

Mia said...

Hi Glenys,

The ones I use in kitchen are only for "dry" meaning tea and coffee and coffee filters, they may rust if used with cookies for example? My cookie jar is tin outside and plastic inside :) I have seen some pretty tin boxes in thrift stores and they've been very rusty also?

Fingers crossed mine will stay pretty and rust-free for a long time!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mia said...

Hi Dani,

That have happened me also ;) Now that we are making the renovations upstairs and I have been going through my bits and bobs I found three (3!) boxes for needles and threads - and I have completely forgotten two of them! Now I have enough needles for rest of the year (I always seem to misplace them!) and have four extra bobbins too, I thought they were gone forever... So enough boxes for me? :)

I love being auntie!

Happy weekend!


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