I think everybody knows by now that I love Christmas, and it's now surprise that I love Christmas books too. I have a few favorites I would love to share with you, and oh how I would love to hear your cherished ones too (to get some new to my collection that is!), please.

Here are two of my absolute favorites! The red covered one is by Mads Moe Christmas Time - in the city, in the mountains (mine's in Finnish) and the blue one is by Outi Loimaranta & Marjo Koivumäki Oi Ihana joulukuu. It's written in Finnish (and translated in German but not yet in English?). Outi blogs here, go and see her beautiful pictures, creations and home!

So why these two? When I buy a Christmas magazine, I usually do it because of the beautiful pictures. That's important in Christmas-books too, but I also am looking for real ideas to make and create. Both these have so many wonderful ones to try. And some I have already tried many times, like these gingerbread Christmas-trees (above) I have given to many colleagues during years and maybe there will be one to show to you this December too... This is from Mads book.

And this pretty gingerbread wreath from Outi's and Marjo's book! So simple, yet beautiful - I had one of those "why haven't I thought this before" -moments, and that tells you that you have a great Christmas book! This inspired me to make something else, which I will also to show here in December.

Yet an another wow-moment from years back. In Mad's book there are fresh flowers in many pictures, and I just loved these tulips. We used to have amaryllis's and hyacinth's and other traditional flowers but after seen this I also have had roses and of course beautiful tulips in many colors.

And yet an another beauty: little red-white mushrooms to put into your Christmas tree! Oh how I would love to know how to crochet...Maybe on this year's Christmas break? The hook and the yarns I have had ready since last year - and I am sure Outi (who's in that picture too I think?) will advise me via her blog if (read: when) I got stuck?

Happy Tuesday and please feel most welcome to come tomorrow again to see the 1st of December post! Yes, it's the time!



Jane said...

Good morning Mia, it's finally snowing heavily here, very pretty from inside but I'm not sure how I will get to my silversmithing class later...?!
As you know from my recent blog post I love to re read Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" and I also have a lovely Delia Smith Christmas book. As to the magazines: this year's Christmas edition of Good Housekeeping is really good, I read it on my journey back from Leeds the other weekend and never has a 2 hours train journey gone so fast. Beautiful photos to get me in the Christmas mood..!
I am SO looking forward to tomorrow.I hope I have time to take a glance at your blog before I dash off to work.
Keep warm,
Jane x

Helen Philipps said...

Such gorgeous inspiring things, Mia!! I want to run and make some gingerbread hearts to put on my twiggy wreath right now! I agree, it's the photos that are the most exciting thing about crafts books. I find decorating magazines the most inspiring for Christmas ideas - I often interpret them in a stitchy way! Have a great day and keep warm! Helen x

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

I am happy you have some pretty snow but too much is not fun! I have my last Spanish for this yer tonight (we'll continue next year) and the weather is not great here either. I hope we both get into our classes!

I will definitely look for your options for great Christmas read, thank you :)

And my post tomorrow is scheduled on 7.00A.M. so you should have plenty time to look at it before you (grab your skies?) run off to work :)

See you tomorrow!


Mia said...

Hi Helen,

And I got that same "itch" too when I saw the gingerbread-wreath, it should smell divine too! I'll make one (a different but with the same idea) for my December blog-posts, you'll see it in a bit!

Happy and Christmassy :) day!


Anonymous said...

The Christmas magazines are lovely. I like them for their colours, I can always see knitting and crochet even if it's not there!
I love that gingerbread Christmas tree and as for the toadstools they are adorable!! :)
Really looking forward to your Christams posts (I'm now in Christmas mode)!!
Stay cosy,
Vivienne x

Mia said...

I am so happy you're in the Christmas-mood Viv! It's cold yet snowy (so not too bad!) here and everything outside just seems so beautiful...Holiday spirits all around me! Your park seemed beautiful too!

Have a wonderful day and I'll see you here tomorrow :)


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