Out of order

It's very stormy here, and we're out of internet-connection via computers. I can use my phone (as now) but cannot load pictures ( well could but do not know how). I don't know how long this takes so I am wishing you all the happiest and hopefully storm-free weekend! I'll see you on Monday again!

Yours from the northern exposure,


Jane said...

Poor you Mia, I hope the storm blows itself away really soon. Northern England has had heavy snow today...it may be drifting down South too. Snuggle down and enjoy your crafts. It's my day off so I am going over to see my parents and enjoy lunch at their local garden centre...homemade soup..yum!
See you next week, have a lovely weekend,take care
Love Jane x

Jane said...

PS Exactly a month today until Christmas!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Poor you Mia!
The UK has had some snow but thankfully it has missed us in N.Ireland and I hope it stays that way. We've had a frost but it's clear and dry with a blue sky and sun, wish I could share with you!
Stay warm!
Vivienne x

Pam said...

Not great is it Mia? We woke to 15cm snow this morning and it's still here. Hmmm.
Keep warm.
P xx

Mia said...

Thank you ladies, for your beautiful comments! We're back on line but it's still freezing here (-17c as we speak and windy) so I'm staying indoors. You all stay warm too and see you tomorrow!


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