December 20th

**Welcome to my little Christmas blog! Here you'll find something Christmassy every single day until the big celebration on 25th of December! Some of the things I have created myself and some have been made by you, my dearest readers!
Thank you and the Happiest Holidays!**


Many, many beautiful Christmas cards have already arrived, and if we're lucky, there will be more coming this week. So I wanted to create a quick and fun solution to show them off!

You'll need:

a cork pin board or thick cardboard
fabric of your choice
pins or a nails
thread, string or ribbon
(optional: a stable gun, little wooden pecks)

I have two of these old cork pin boards unused, so smaller of them was just perfect for this project. I also had a fun Christmassy snowmen fabric I found in a thrifshop last year. Place the fabric on the floor (right side facing the floor) and place the pin board or thick cardboard on top. I used a stable gun I borrowed from my brother-in-law (Thanks, T!) to gun the fabric in place, but this could definitely be done by pins too, and then you could just remove the fabric after Christmas for other use if wanted. I gunned my fabric to the wooden frame, but pins would be nice and easy to place into the cork or cardboard.

Then the thread or string. I didn't have a long enough silk ribbon in my stash in right color (this can happen!) so I opted for a quite wide package trim instead. I pinned it in place with plastic pins normally used to keep things in cork board, and this was wise move as the string needed to be tightened several times before it was nice and tight. So the pins are an easy solution, and they can be moved around. My board has string in straight lines, but other designs would be pretty too.

Now it's time to start putting the cards on board! If some are heavy, you can also use pins on this side, or like me, I had some little snowman wooden pecks in my stash. This board brightens up our hall now, and later on I might add a few Christmassy photos too...

Happy December 20th!



Helen Philipps said...

Another great idea!! This might just help solve my everlasting 'how to display the cards dilemma'! It's sooo cold here today - it's beginning to feel a bit like a different country - maybe Finland? Have a lovely day, Mia.
Helen x

Mia said...

Hello Helen,

I have tried many different ideas earlier: I have a thick ribbon running from ceiling to almost to floor and I use more wooden pecks to attach the cards there and many else...This is easy and quick to do, and if you're not loving the fabric next year: just change it!

It's not too bad here today, only -11c but a bit windy. I am cleaning the house, huh, almost done!

Enjoy your day and this Christmas-week!


Anonymous said...

Yet another great idea Mia, you should write a Christmas book!!!
What to do with cards can be a problem!
I think it hit -18C in some parts of N.Ireland last night, the lowest ever on record. Freezing fog this morning, it's so cold! Brrrrr!
Have a good week. :)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

My dream would be to write a C-book, Viv, but I think I still leave it to pros. And hmm...I have spent quite some time with these post-projects this December so I might enjoy my knitting and felting for a while after Christmas ;)

Oh dear friend, stay warm and cozy, -18c is quite cold, it's only -11c here today, hooray!

Happy day!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Mia what a wonderful idea. I love it, thank you. Wow, it is certainly cold in your world. We are still waiting for our snow storms. Temps as low as 7 degrees and highs 30's, but still only snow dustings.Keep warm and cosy and many thanks for all your lovely Christmas crafts. Soooo much fun each day!!! xoRobin❤ (Vermont, USA)

Mia said...

Thank You, Robin!

I just came back home from "Yippee-it's-Christmas-holidays-coffee&buns" with my sis&nephew and the wind was freezing! But it's snowy and beautiful outside! I am spending the rest of the afternoon next to fireplace wrapping gifts!

Have a wonderful day and most beautiful Christmas week, Robin!


Jane said...

Hi Mia I have just got home from work and grabbed my cup of tea (and a mince pie) to read your blog. Another great idea. I have my cards on strings hung from my bannisters, they greet me whenever I come in. It's SO cold still and more snow is theatened for later today, still very festive but I do hope it does not cause travelling problems for my family.
Keep warm, enjoy your wrapping; it's nearly time!;0)
Love Jane x

Anne said...

Thanks Mia for another lovely idea!! I'm always trying to do something interesting with our Christmas/New Year cards.
You should write a book!!
Still cold here but not as much snow as Great Britain.

Anne at plumcreek

Mia said...

Hi Jane,

I am wrapping here as we speak and loving it! I cleaned the house today and everything is so festive here!

I hope your weather is beautiful yet not too cold or snowy so all your loved ones can get to yours at Christmas! We all live in walking distance from each other so come rain or shine we'll be together :)

Happy Monday!


Mia said...

Hi Anne,

It seems that we'll have white Christmas everywhere, that's lovely!
I am so happy you've enjoyed my posts, there are still couple of more to come :)

Many greetings to all of you!


karen said...

Thats a very good idea, Mia, ours are hanging on ribbons from our beams and blue-tacked on a book case and falling over on a chest each time a door is opened. Love those little pegs. There is ice on top of snow in Sussex - lethal for drivers. Warm indoors and going to knit in a minute as I feel a need to sit down and relax and damn everything that still needs doing! Karen X

Mia said...

You have the very same feeling I do Karen :) I cleaned the house today and now I am knitting last-minute-I-know gift to my sis whole evening...next to fire, naturally!

Stay cozy and warm and I'll see you here tomorrow ;)


Teje said...

Hei Mia! You are full of great ideas!!! This is just perfect! I have also small board without any use so... Thank you!
Have a lovely time! Teje

Mia said...

Happy to give you some ideas, Teje!
I still have five posts to come, hope you'll enjoy them too!
It's only couple of days until Christmas, have fun!


Anonymous said...

Mia, I lovvvvve it! So enjoying your Christmas days. Such wonderful ideas.
Have a wonderful day, Hugs, Dani

Mia said...

Hi Dani,

Thank you for your nice comment! I wish you peaceful Christmas-time and hope that everything goes well with your surgeries.

All the best,

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