Flowers to the winners!

Oh how wonderful four day-weekend it's been! Just relaxing, sunny days and lot's of chocolate and family time. It'll be a hard one to get back on track tomorrow *sigh* but hip-hooray, it'll be yet an another wonderful party-weekend coming after just four days! It's 1st of May on next Sunday and we'll celebrate it here both on Saturday AND on Sunday.

Today between nap-taking and chocolate-eating I managed to pick up the winner for the flower-magnet giveaway! And I just couldn't resist, and picked up an another name too. She'll get a little felt-flower brooch to brighten her spring outfit. There were fifteen of you, thank you so much, all! I loved your comments! And still before I'll announce the winner, I truly want to apologize the picture-quality, it's just as sharp as I have been these last days... but here we go:

So the winner is ROBIN! Congratulations! She wrote: " I love the yellow and pinks, sooo bright and cheery." So three flower-magnet-set in yellows&pinks with matching little pouch for you Robin! I already have your details so I'll be sending you a little springly parcel soon!

And as you saw, I picked an another one too, and it was LEAH, congratulations to you, too! She wrote: "...I really like the pink." I like pink too, and will be making you a pretty and bright flower-brooch in pink! Could you please contact me via email at handmadebymia at gmail.com so I can get your package shipped to you too, thank you so much!

I'll get to work tomorrow, but tonight I'll still be as this cute-cat my dear dear friend made me for my b-day, happily on sofa with the very last chocolate-eggs. I hope you have had the most relaxing holidays too, and wish you the wonderful new week!

See you here soon again!



Helen Philipps said...

Congratulations to Robin and Leah - such lucky winners! I love the little cat you have pictured there. Glad you had a lovely relaxing Easter, Mia. Have a happy week too.
Helen x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Congrats to the lucky winners!!!
Such a cute kitty. :)
So glad you had a lovely chocolate filled Easter Mia!
Have a great week with hopefully lots of sunshine.
Vivienne x

Anne said...

Congratulations to Leah and Robin!!
I know they'll enjoy the pouches and magnets.
I'm happy you had a relaxing Easter. Quiet but enjoyable here.

Happy Monday to all....

Anne at PlumCreek

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Mia, I am one lucky person. I'm so thankful you picked my name. I feel so special and blessed. Can't wait to get my flowers and pouch. I love your handwork. Thank you again and again. Have a nice week. xoRobin❤

Jane said...

Congratulations to Robin and Leah, a little piece of spring will be flying their way! I'm so glad you had a sunny Easter Mia and that little cat is so sweet ;0)
Jane x

Teje said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners!
Mia, I'm happy to hear that you had relaxing Easter holidays! Mine was something else, I'm still recovering from the 'all day dinner' with too many people.
Your little cat is so qute sitting in the cosy corner!
Have a lovely day!
xxx Teje

Mia said...

Hi Helen,

And we did have sunny and wonderful Easter - wish you similar new week with sunny crafting days!


Mia said...

Hello Viv,

Sunny and happy week to you too and oh the Royal happiness on Friday too ;)


Mia said...

Hi Anne,

Our Easter was wonderful, sun shined and spring is getting better and better! I wish you happy and shiny days too, and greetings to you all!


Mia said...

I am so happy to send a spring-parcel to you Robin, I should get it shipped tomorrow!

Sunny days and spring-feeling to your week!


Mia said...

Hi Jane,

I wish your weather continues to be as gorgeous as it's been and you can enjoy your garden! My little kitty here send kisses to Billy ;)


Mia said...

Oh, I am sorry Teje, that you felt rushed at your Easter! i wish you'll have some sunny and peaceful days this week before it's time to celebrate vappu :)


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