Colors of spring

In the blogs I read regularly I have seen one beautiful garden after an another. There are many colorful flowers blooming everywhere, some so vivid you can almost smell them through the screen. In here the situation is definitely not hopeless but the smell of the roses is not in the air yet. That said there are still things growing in my garden too.

Oh, the colors - shall we pick them up? Sure, I am certain there will be more appearing later...

Hello little birdies! And bugs - coming in very springly colors this time I see?

And hey - what is that? Something new in this garden, let's take a closer look...

Brooches! Matching (naturally) brooches!

Oh my, oh my.


I have been knitting in my garden and there have been some springly-color-picking, as those little pouches and the matching pins show. Not all the pouches have the pin to match (oho!) in here yet but I am working on it, friends. Sun shines and birdies sing, I am in love with spring!

Wishing you all the wonderful things in life!



sara said...

I love the colours you have chosen for your sweet pouches and brooches.......so pretty. I'm sure it won't be long before your garden is blooming with lovely flowers.

lily x

faith76 said...

Lovely x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Mia, I have missed you.....now I see what you have been up to. Amazingly beautiful......I'm going to your shop right now. xoRobin❤

Anne said...

Hi Mia, Love these stripes and brooches. Here's to new ideas and spring!!


Piia said...


Helen Philipps said...

I love the sweet brooches and pouches you've been making - what gorgeous colours you have chosen too! They look so pretty and spring like. Love your little bugs with the pink and green! Hope your real garden will be blooming soon for you! Have a happy nearly weekend.
Helen x

Jatta said...

Nämä ovan niin kauniita! Taidankin mennä tekemään heti erikoistilausta Etsyyn, tahdon ihan ehdottomasti jonkinlaisen rintaneulan :)

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Lily&Leah,

I think we needed so pretty colors before flowers bloom!

Have a wonderful day and sunny weekend soon!


Mia said...

Hi Anne,

Thank you so much, I think they turned out cheerful too :)

Have a wonderful day and super-sunny weekend soon!


Mia said...

Dear Robin,

Thank you so much :)

I hope your weekend will be beautiful and sunny, and hopefully soon you'll receive an envelope full of summer from me...


Mia said...

Kitz muru :)

Iloista päivää ja kuuluillaan pian!

Terkuin Mie

Mia said...

Hello Helen,

Thank you so much for your beautiful message again! I am so happy to show you some pretty and springly colors too, as I have enjoyed your garden so many times! Little bugs (they're SO in love) send you many little kisses and happy weekend wishes!


Mia said...

Heipsan Jatta,

Kiitos ihanaisesta kommentistasi! Pikkulintuseni visertelevät pikapuoliin myös sinun luonasi...

Ihanaa ja aurinkoista päivää ja myös viikonloppua pikapuoliin!

Terkuin Mia

Shanti said...

They look so absolutely pretty together!!!!!!!!!!

Mia said...

Thank you so much Shanti!

Happy and sunny weekend!


Jane said...

I can read your post finally Mia! O my, how adorable are these newest knits and the matching brooches...just perfect. Tweet, tweet, Happy Spring my dear!
Jane x

Mia said...

Thank you, Jane!

I am so happy this post came back (and I am still waiting all the comments to return too) from blogg-verse :)

Now I am off to wave my Finnish flag to our Paradise Oskar in Eurovision finals!

Happy weekend!


Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Oh my, now you are spoiling us as they look even cuter with their matching pouches (I'm reading backwards today, playing catch-up again). Bethx

Mia said...

Thanks Beth! And how's blogger been working for you lately? Many comments from this post are still missing from last weeks hiccups :(

Happy greetings from Finland!


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