An endless battle

I am not sure that I have mentioned before, how very dangerous neigborhood we live in? What you absolutely already know, is that I am not a gardening person of any kind. Although I have a secret I haven't told you. My strawberries. And that also gets us back to this gangsta-neighborhood. Straight back to it.

I do not have fields full of strawberries, just an odd bush or two of wild strawberries. BUT the berries in these bushes taste better than anything else in whole wide world. Not that I would have that vivid memory though, as it was summer 2008 or so when I last had one.

Let me explain. Every single summer the pretty white flowers appear, and quite soon after the little green berries start to grow. They grow and grow and start to get some beautiful red on their cheeks. I impatiently check many times each day if the strawberries would be red enough to eat...And then, suddenly, this:

All the strawberries gone. Gone. Every single year. What is going on? A gang. Simple as that. A devious, high-performing and disastrously quick. So quick that taking pictures (aka hard evidence) is almost impossible. Although I have managed to get a few shots, but they show nothing, I mean not a single thing to get them actually evicted. A real mugshot can be seen here.

I am so frustrated. Last year I even tried to offer them ALL my black- and redcurrant bushes to eat if they would leave my strawberries alone. Didn't work, they ate both. The only thing I haven't tried yet is to put my superhero-friend into the action - maybe he could guard the remaining two strawberries I have left. What do you think?


In the meanwhile I have been doing some more long-lasting strawberries. And birds. But definitely not Turdus Pilaris, I tell you.

Hah. Crafter 1 - Turdus 0.

Happy week!



Unknown said...

I know exactly where you're coming from Mia. If it's not the squirrels pinching our strawberries, it's the blackbirds or big fat pigeons. And, they blatantly sit and munch them right in front of the kitchen window, making sure that I can see them. The cheeky beggars!

Love your strawberry inspired makes - you've tempted me to go and have another look in your lovely shop.

Jill x

Mia said...

I know, Jill, and when I go outside to hush them they just hop around SO innocently and I am almost sure some of them also whistle... It-wasn't-me sort of way, you know :)

Have a great day and oh,m you're so welcome to take a look at my handmades!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Great post Mia!!
Sorry you don't get to taste your strawberries. :( During our really bad winter we had lots of Fieldfare, I've never seen so many at one time before. They must have left here and flown to Finland to eat your strawberries!!
At least the longing to taste some has inspired you to make your gorgeous little creations. :)They can't eat those!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hi Viv,

Thanks a lot, I have yours here now too ;)

And I know, I just had to make some longer lasting strawberries after a berry check today - they cannot get these for sure!

Have a wonderful week and sunshine from me!


Crafts @ Home said...

What beautiful work has come from your plight, I love your super hero friend as well :)
Sue Xxx

Helen Philipps said...

Life has a funny way of inspiring us, Mia! I'm sorry all your strawberries were stolen - but look what beautiful strawberry makes you have crafted now! I love the colours and the pretty strawberry lining too. We have big fat pigeons in our garden munching the cherries if it's any consolation! Have a happy week.
Helen x

faith76 said...

Love the stawberry theme .. those little critters eating your wild strawberries humph! I say try super hero out to warn them off ...

Have a great week

Leah x

verykerryberry said...

I remember the same problem with an allotment- gone so fast too- only mesh can help but does not look so pretty. Love your pretty birdie fruity purse!

Mia said...

Thank you Sue!

My sweetest superhero sends you a super-big-tweet-kiss!

Happy Wednesday!


Mia said...

Thank you Helen!

I really love birds (even these little sneaky ones, actually), it's just my strawberries... But sun shines and it looks like an another wonderful day is coming so I am happy!

I wish you wonderful week with many, pretty granny-squares :)


Mia said...

Hi Leah,

I think I'll try my superhero then! And I'll report back you you all how it worked :)

Have a wonderful, sunny week!


Mia said...

Hello Kerry,

I now, but mesh is not an option, I would have nightmares every night of the birdies who have been tangled into it. I just enjoy my self-made berries instead :)

Sunshine to your day!


Jane said...

Mia I have something even better than your super hero....yes of course Billy! He would see your naughty birds off in an instant!
As you know strawberries are my favourite summer image that's why I am the proud owner of one of your gorgeous strawberry brooches. I love it!
Hope you may get at least one single strawberry...fingers crossed.
Jane x

Mia said...

Oh Jane, I would LOVE to have Mr.B to visit and clear the yard for good! That would be wonderful!

I am so happy you like my work just as I love your jewelry and cards! We are some talented ladies ;)

Happy week and kisses to B!


Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Mia! That's awfull to wait those most sweet strawberries and then find out that someone else has already eaten them!
You have made the bird with the straberries so beautiful - great coloours!
xxx Teje

Mia said...

Hi Teje!

I think I should get used to this after all these years ;) but I try to take it with humour and this post was written with a wink too :)

Have a wonderful and sunny days and many greetings to your furry-friends!


Pam said...

Hi Mia, it has been lovely to spend a little time looking through your lovely posts this morning. So nice to catch up with what you're making - I especially love the black floral bag.
P xx

Mia said...

Hi Pam,

Great to have you back - I wish you're feeling better already. Thank you so much for your nice comment, that back is one of my own favorites too!

Have a great day and weekend soon, too!


Anne said...

Mia, this was so funny. I loved your story and photos. Please start writing children's books!!

Happiest weekend to you,

Anne at
sunny PlumCreek22

Mia said...

Thank you, Anne!

When I find some extra hours to my days, I promise I'll write a whole series of Turdus-books :)

Have a wonderful weekend, I am sending some hot weather to your way!


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