Come rain or...

We went to bed yesterday and it was raining, and we woke up on this! The original winter wonderland! And now it's getting damper again, and heavy rains estimated here tomorrow...What on earth is going on? Anyone else experiencing these strange changes? I am not complaining that much, though, as I already counted one less month to snow-shoveling (to my dear husband that is) as the snow just can't stay her until June no matter how late it arrives, right?

Some little Christmas/winter oriented crafts have been made here too as I just got my huge custom orders finished. Not that much, but it's a start...

And I really should continue my stocking-cutting and not spent my days surfing the net... I think it will help if I promise to show them to you soon!

Happy last days of November and welcome December! How amazing is that?

Mia aka the Santa´s Little Helper


greenrabbitdesigns said...

That's quite a bit of snow Mia but I suppose it won't last if it's going to rain on it and I do hope you won't have snow in June!!!!
Love your little Christmas makes. :)
Have a happy new week, Santa's little helper. ;)
Vivienne x

Used-to-Bees said...

Looks mighty cold! We had our first frost today which is so much later than usual - the weather in the UK has been so much warmer than usual - in fact on Saturday evening, most of the youngsters out and about still seemed to be in t-shirts! Your Christmassy makes are all gorgeous!

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

The snow is late here, and it seems when it comes it really does ;) Nature is very pretty now though, but we'll see what it looks like tomorrow...

I am happily making some more Christmas things here, I hope I'll get to show them to you soon!

Happy week!


Mia said...

Hi Alix,

It is quite cold (although tomorrow should be +6...) but nature is pretty and white! It's been very warm autumn here too and this is a bit of a shock ;) even us Finns!

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my C-makes, more coming up soon :)

Happy Monday!


Teje Karjalainen said...

So it came ... the snow. My father was also hoping that perhaps it's not going to snow this winter! Lets hope it is at least short winter.
Your new pouch with the snow-man is so adorable! It's cute and those colours are great!
xxx Teje

Jane said...

Yipee! S*N*O*W ....I know Mia that you have too much of it but I really don't get bored seeing it ;0)
Your little Christmas bag and coasters are so lovely and to be crafting looking out at that view...how perfect.
Keep warm my friend in your Winter Wonderland.
Jane x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Mia, Love the coasters....I think they look familiar.? Snow, beautiful snow, hope your husband doesn't mind shoveling, but it is pretty. Happy day to you, xoRobin❤
Time for Hot COCOA!!

Helen Philipps said...

Already?! Well, the snow certainly looks beautiful and maybe it won't last.... and I can see it has inspired your lovely makes, Mia. The snowman is so cute and so are the little wintry birds. Have a happy week, Santa's little helper, and keep cosy!
Helen x

Anne said...

I hope you and I will have a short winter!! We can always hope.
It's been very cold and windy so far.

The coasters are my favorite (you know that already)!!
Can't wait to see more Christmas goodies from you.

Happy Tuesday,
Anne at PlumCreek

Mia said...

Hi Teje,

I know exactly how your dad feels, once the snow comes,there's no end to it... But it sure makes trees and everything so beautiful!

I wish you happiest week!


Mia said...

Thank you so much, dear Jane!

It's still white&pretty here and more c-crafts coming soon :) I hope you're enjoying your little cozy-studio as well with some pretty card-making!

Kisses to B!


Mia said...

Hello sweet Robin,

Oh yes, those coasters should look familiar to you :) I wish they'll arrive any day soon now! And yes, snow-shoveling is one job we've made a deal of: I do not mind it as long as it's done by someone else :)

Have a wonderful week!


Mia said...

Hello Helen,

I know, I was wishing the snow would come around 23rd of December :) but it sure is beautiful around here now!

I am enjoying my Christmas-crafts and can't wait to show them to you soon!

Happy Tuesday!


Mia said...

Dear Anne,

I know, you and I should have winter just around Christmas, and then it could be a spring again...We can only hope ;)

I have told Santa how much you liked the coasters ;) so we'll see what he comes up with this year!

Happy greetings from Finland dear friend!


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