Three trees on twenty three

Today was a great day. I got the very last things of work finished, and within my nearest and dearest there were three Christmas trees to decorate today too.

Today was a very special day also because of the sun. It came out just suddenly, I can't remember last time it would have been this bright and beautiful (and these pictures are for you especially, dear Vivienne, I thought of you immediately), and it made me realize, that we've passed the shortest days of the year already!

Now I have done everything for Christmas, presents beautifully wrapped, house cleaned, pretty and decorated...

...all gorgeous food bought, delicious chocolates chosen (and tasted), gingerbread hearts baked and wonderful books and magazines waiting to be read...

...And this will be my cozy nook for next days. There's our tree, and you'll see it better tomorrow when sun hopefully comes out again. Now I am off to enjoy this special time...

...and I wish you the happiest December 23rd!



mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Mia, Oh my, does everything look wonderful and delicious! And the SUN, everything is better with the sun! Your decorations are so lovely and your baking looks amazing. Enjoy your cosy spot, xoRobin❤

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh Mia it all looks so lovely and inviting. Enjoy every second of it all!
How lovely too for you to see the sun and thank you for thinking of me, it is definitely a friend of mine. I look forward to seeing it rising high in the sky!
Enjoy your holiday time, dear friend.
Vivienne x

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Mia! I'm so happy for you having sunshine - I hope it keeps you company all the Christmas time! ... and all the next year, but I guess that's not possible. For me the most important for the Christmas is the tree with the lights and candles here and there! It is just so magical! Enjoy your cosy home and have a wonderful Christmas time! xxx Teje
Ps. Here it's now COLD, rainy and windy!

Jane said...

How wonderful the sun popped out to shine on you Mia. Everything looks so cozy and ready in your home. I will "see" you tomorrow with my last post. Happy holidays my dear,
Jane x

Zoe said...

What a nice nook there!!!
I imagine you to read in the sun light!!
I hope you engoy your holidays!!

Anne said...

Everything looks so pretty and yummy. Thanks Mia for giving us a "tour" of your home.
Eat some gingerbread hearts and pinwheels for me.

Enjoy some time off!!

Happiest 23 December,

Mia said...

Dear Robin,

I'm enjoying my happy spot with some chocolates and a great book and loving every minute :)

I wish you happy moments with your loved ones!

You're my sunny-friend, Vivienne,
always when we talk about spring or sun, it reminds me of you!

Have a wonderful time, my friend, and then: Here's to Spring!


Hello Teje,
I wish your weather is a bit better, so you can enjoy your divine Christmas-garden too! Have a happy time, and kiss all the hairy-loves for me please!


It was a lovely surprise, Jane, that sun! It gives us hope (as does Christmas!) that this dark time will pass soon! Wishing you wonderful Holidays with your loved ones!


Thank you, Zoe, I wish you wonderful time with you loved ones too! Enjoy!


Thank you, Anne, I am so happily munching some gingerbread hattivatti's here almost as I type this :) Wishing you the merriest of time, joy and happiness!


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