Almost there

Sun shines, and I just can't get enough of outside-life. I have been biking, taking long walks and just sitting outside enjoying the lovely, lovely weather. There's a slight cold feel underneath all the sunshine still, and it's definitely not yet a summer dress warm. So what could be better to keep your hands warm than clickety-clicking needles and pretty, bright wools?

Wonderful Thursday!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

You're doing a good job with your clickety clicking too!
Beautiful and the cat is especially pretty. :)
Thank goodness for sunshine and we have loads of it today!!
Happy Thursday Mia,
Vivienne x

Jane said...

Wonderful clickety clicks Mia and I spot a Billy pink nose on the sweet cat. It reached 29c in my garden this pm....phew! Enjoy your sunshine and keep up with your lovely makes,
Jane x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Mia, Almost missed you, before I go away for the weekend. Loving all your designs, you have been a busy knitter!!!
So happy the weather is getting warmer for outside sitting, knitting and biking.
Take care, xoRobin❤

Anne said...

I hope you are having great weather this weekend!!
This is a big 3-day weekend here.
Happy creating, hiking and biking!!


Helen Philipps said...

I hope you had a lovely weekend, Mia and did lots of biking and sitting in the sunhsine....and of course lots of that delightful knitting too!
Have a lovely week.
Helen x

Teje said...

So cute Mia and a cat! Almost like my Nelli! You are just so talented with these little creations of yours! I hope you get soon hot summer! x Teje

Mia said...

Thank you all, sweet ladies! I wish you all sunny and happy last days of May (oh yes, it's almost JUNE!!)!


Beth said...

This sounds like my kind of sun - I like it best with a hint of coldness underneath, like a typical moaning Brit I have been finding it too hot here in the UK and am grateful the weather has broken as we have some rain (although very bad luck for the Queen's Jubilee). Hope it continues to shine for you. Bethx

Mia said...

Hello you sweet moaning Brit :)

We've have had a rainy weekend and this following week is said to be similar too *sigh* I would love to get some sun and warmness already - I think we could share the sun&rain between us?

a moaning Finn

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