First WEEK of May...

...gone already. How (and when) did this happened? I have been a poor blogger earlier but now I have many things I would like to show you, but it just didn't happen. I have to say to my excuse that we celebrated May 1st here for two days (wonderful it was, sunny, chilly and children) and then I had a bit of relapse with my flu, cough returned and such. And this tiredness... huh. After an hour or so I've felt that I would love to lay down. And to add all this I felt sort of spring-block with my creating - making anything wonderful with your teeth grinding loudly does not work. So I have taken it slow-ish. And that's enough for the moaning.

Spring has also proceeded, and the buds, birds and green have appeared and snow has almost gone. It's been sunny and rainy, rainy and sunny and cold - we've had logs in fireplace almost daily. Spring clothes have stayed in the closets and my poor toes haven't seen sun that much yet. It should be getting warmer now, though, and I wish to get my needles outside soon - the tables and chairs are there already.

It's also time of the National Madness around here, and this year even more so because 1) we've having HOMEgames b) we did win last year. So it's all about ice hockey around here for next two weeks, and yes, we love it. Pressure is high though, poor players, but we're still loving it. First game won already and second to go tonight. Streets are quiet when the game is on.

I have created an odd thing here and there, and am having sort of new start to all of it again. I did finally cut into that pretty piece of linen I found ages ago, and it waits cut to be turned into the three happy bags. They might actually be sort of autumn-themed with all the fruity-trees but I see new life, colors and spring in them. Hope I would say. I wish you'll like them too, they can be see more closely here too soon.

I wish you a happy Sunday and  SECOND week of May soon too! See you here shortly again!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Sorry you're not 100% yet Mia. :( Flu's like that though, you need to take it easy as it really drains your energy.
I love the little bags, especially the pussy cats. :)
You just relax and enjoy the ice hockey, hope your team wins!!
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hello dear Vivienne,

This flu has been the most persistent :( but I'm hopeful, today has been a better one again!

I wish you the most wonderful holidays, sunny days and beautiful views! Enjoy!


P.S. We aka team-Finland have won 2 first games "already" - yippii!

Fleur Cotton said...

Hope you start to feel better soon......your bags are beautiful as always xx

I have a handmade bag on my blog as part of a giveaway this week so pop by if you are interested.

Enjoy all those lovely signs of Spring.
Best Wishes
Fleur xx

Mia said...

Thank you so much Fleur! I will definitely visit you soon :)

Have a happy new week soon!


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Sorry to hear you're still not quite well Mia, I do hope you feel better soon. Love all the bags :D

Jane said...

You poor thing dear Mia, let's hope you are really getting better now. The 'flu has been really severe over here too and it really does knock you sideways for a few weeks. Sending you healing hugs. It's lovely to see everything springing to life outside now,that will also cheer you as well as all that ice hockey ;0)
Take care, Happy May my friend.
Jane x

Anne said...

I hope you will feel much better soon, Mia!
Sometimes the flu just stays toooo long.

Hoping the spring greenery and hockey games will help you recover!
I like your blue bird and flower pouches.


Mia said...

Hello Annie,

I am fed up with this flu too, but spring is proceeding and sun shines :)

I wish you a wonderful new week!


Mia said...

Hi Anne,

Thank you for the get better soon wishes! The ice hockey is going great and sun shines so no worries :)

Happy week, dear friend!


Mia said...

Thank you dear Jane, for your kind wishes! I am moaning even I am SO MUCH better than I was a week ago...slowly!

I wish you wonderful May too, happy moments in your garden&studio - with sweetest Billy-boy naturally!


angeliki said...

Hello Mia!
I like your bags!

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Oh Mia, sure hope you are feeling better now. I hate when bugs return when you think you are on the mend. Love that you are raking snow...we all get so desperate...and it makes it melt more quickly!!! I saw some pretty flowers and hope you get more soon. Love your new items for your shop. Such fun to see what you will come up with next!!!!
Please take care, xoRobin❤

Mia said...

Hello Angeliki,

Thank you! I'm so happy to have you visiting me here!

Have a wonderful week!


Mia said...

Hello dear Robin,

Happy to see you back from your travels, and I wish you had the greatest time!

I'm sending you sunshine to your May-days!


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