It's August already, I cannot believe it! That said I am almost happy it is as the weather is far better than it was in June&July but still. August is not quite autumn yet but... Here in Finland schools are starting again in a few weeks, almost everyone have had their holidays and nights are getting darker...Scary. I do not mind autumn when it's sunny, dry and crisp which it mostly here isn't. It usually is rainy and windy and all this will end up to winter...huh. But IT'S NOT AUTUMN YET so I'll show you something else instead and we'll forget this issue altogether for a few months still. So quick, quick, quick something I really like... Hmm..stripes? Yes! Matchy-matchy? Definitely! My boys? Perfect, here we go:
Nephew-godfather fashion check in Summer 2012. I LOVE IT. And I love blue and white together, and add a little red...
Thank you so much Glenys! I am so happy to receive this award, but as have had one earlier already, I am just thanking you dearly this time, and moving on to these colors:
...the great color-combo of blue-red&white, and that's so hot these days as the UK is the most wanted place right now! The Olympics! Oh how I would like to be there, now more than ever as they started to compete in that fantastic stadium too. I am big fan of all Athletics like high jump, javelin throw, decathlon... And we as Finns even have a few great candidates there for medals - I know teams like GB and USA have many golds already, but we're still waiting our first(medal). It might be necessary to say that I love the games come medals or not but it would be the cherry on top. I am now off to sofa one eye on telly and other choosing great colors for some new stripes...
...and I wish you a wonderful Friday and happy weekend soon too! Let's all enjoy the games and cheer to all wonderful athletes!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

How cute, the matching stripes!!! :) Love the stripy bag too.
You defintely have the colours for Team GB!!
Good luck to the Finns. Team GB are gradually moving up the medal table. I'm really enjoying the games, we have them on TV here from morning to night. :)
Happy weekend Mia! (and let's not talk about Autumn YET)
Vivienne x

Mia said...

Hi Vivienne,

I apologize the autumn-part, I just was so shocked that it's August already! Sun shines here and weather is great so no worries yet... I am off to see the games now with my knitting (and a bowl of candy) - the best Friday!

Happy weekend, dear friend!


Jill said...

Hi Mia.
I'm a big fan of stripes too - blue & white always look so fresh & clean together.
I'm catching as much of the Olympics as I can - it's been amazing to watch.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Jill x

Mia said...

Hi Jill,

I love all sort of stripes, and as you said, blue&white are so fresh, just perfect for summer!

I am also enjoying the games SO much, I am watching them as I type this :) too!

Lovely, sunny weekend to you!


Jane said...

Love those men in stripes ;0) Yes it is August already Mia, where did those months go? I am just loving the Olympics and getting SO excited that we will be there in the flesh on Tuesday. Team GB are awesome...the cycling and rowing...WOW! I am also watching as I type!!
Have a lovely weekend my friend,
Jane x

Mia said...

Dear Jane,

We're enjoying the games here a lot, and your team has been awesome! And the weather seems to be quite good too? I wish you a wonderful weekend too and kisses to Billy!


Anne said...

It looks like Red, white, blue and Suomi stripes are the colors for August!!

I love the outside and inside of your pouch.
We're loving the Olympics, too!

Kiss L for me----Happy weekend to you all...


Teje said...

Hi Mia! I love also blue and white and some red doesn't harm! Beautiful birdie pouch again - autumn means not only rain, but also wool, more knitting - yes! I hope you have still great summer weather and long, sunny and dry autumn! Lovely photo with your boys! x Teje

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up here, and I'm with you on the red, white and blue, that little purse is adorable :D

Fleur Cotton said...

What a pretty purse perfect to get into the Olympic spirit!

Yes, I also don't know where the time has gone..summer is flying past.

Have a lovely weekend and hope you enjoy watching the games, fingers crossed for your team too!

Fleur xx

Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

Those really are the colors for "now" - we're so into these games here (even no medals for our team yet), so much fun!

L had a big kiss from you, and sends many back to you! Lovely weekend!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

We're waiting for looooong summer here too, June&July were so disappointing so sunshine should go until October at least ;)

Happy weekend!


Mia said...

Hello Annie,

Thank you! Wishing you the loveliest first weekend of August!


Mia said...

Hello Fleur,

I was shocked when I realized it's August already! But we're sure ;) that this year summer will continue long still... With sunny and warm days!

Lovely weekend and happy games!


Helen Philipps said...

Love the boys in their stripy blue t shirts....and your adorable stripy birdie purse too :) Wishing you a Happy August, Mia!
Helen x

Mia said...

Oh how many happy comments "the boys" have received, thank you Helen!

Wishing you the loveliest August too!


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