Oh October

It's been a rainy and gray weekend here (again), and to get anything photographed you just need to take a deep breath and run outside. The main thing is to be quick, and both you and the things pictured stay relatively dry. I finally got my autumn-things finished, they were made during several weeks one seam here, an another button there among the other things I have in my to-do list, and here they are:
I found this wonderful orange-yellow-red-wool where colors just slide beautifully and first I made a a little bag of it. There's a little birdie wondering how he could get that wonderfully fat pumpkin home...

... and a little cozy with similar theme. A little yellow birdie and even bigger pumpkin to tackle...
...And still one more to followed, a pouch with some colorful leaves and yet an another little birdie. Colorful inside and out...
It seems that more gray and wet it gets outside, more colors and brightness I keep adding to my handmades. That's the way to handle October, I presume?
Lovely Sunday, everyone!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Beautiful makes Mia! :)
I love orange at this time of year, I think it's at this time of year that we all NEED orange!!!!
I love pumpkins too, in fact I'm working on a little bunny on theme... :)
Happy Sunday, maybe there'll be a some sunshine for you this week, fingers crossed,
Vivienne x

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Absolutely lovely! x

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Mia! Very happy, beautiful and warm looking set! Definitely we need lots of colours when it's rainy and grey (outside or in our minds). Orange is full of energy and happines! Perhaps that's why I use it also so much with all these economical crisis, melancholical news, everyday difficulties. Again today I picked orange when I started to make a tea cosy!
I wish you great week and hopefull SUN! x Teje

Jane said...

Oh Mia I so love your work. That sweet,sweet Birdie trying to move the pumpkin is just the best. I just showed M and we both went ahhhhh! Love the colours they match the trees of autumn. Have a great week my friend.
Jane x

Helen Philipps said...

Absolutely delightful makes, Mia! Your bright and cheerful pumpkin shades are perfect both for the time of year and for cheering up the grey days!
Have a happy week.
Helen x

Wendy said...

Such beautiful colours! I love the little birdies struggling with the pumpkins!

Mia said...

Thank you all, lovely people, for your wonderful comments! Reading these make even the rainiest day brighter!

Wishing you a beautiful October!


Anne said...

Hi Mia, I saw these beauties in your shop.

So cheery when it is rainy and cooler.....Thanks for sharing more of your projects!!

best wishes for this week......

Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

Thank you so much for your comment! happiest October-week to you too!


Beth said...

These are lovely and just shout out 'autumn' - fabulous seasonal colour, I do like a bit of orange! Bethx

Mia said...

Thank you Beth - orange is THE color of this season!

Have a great weekend!



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