December 15th

It's 15th already, can you believe it? It's only one week to go, and hopefully next week will not be too busy for all of you, and most of the shopping/cardmaking/planning is already done, and you can just enjoy the Holiday Spirit. It's also past the "guarantee-to-arrive-for-Christmas" shipping dates from Finland to US, Canada, Japan and Europe, so my shop is slowly quieting down, and a few Christmas items were left there un-sold. I thought even they will not arrive for this Christmas, I would like to give something out this year too so here we go:

1. The red flowered pouch

2. Happy snowman-stocking

3. Set of little birdies

And all you need to do is to leave a comment on this (today 15th of Decemeber) post, and make sure you leave your name or nickname or anything so you can be reconized on Wed 19th when I pick up the 3 winners! I will ship the things anywhere you live, so you can all participate no matter how far or close. You can wish your favorite thing (1, 2 or 3) but please notice that I will randomly pick the winners so maybe the wishes and winners get together or maybe not, but hopefully all the items will find a good home (if not at yours, maybe at friends?), and hey: the winners will have first Christmas presents ready for 2013 already, how great is that?! Good luck, everyone!

Wonderful  December 15th!



Jane said...

Hi dear Mia, I have spent the day wrapping..just a few tags to sort the all presents are ready for Santa. I had my Christmas tunes on as I wrapped.... Thanks so much for this lovely giveaway..Please pop me in that hat for the chance of some extra festive goodies. Enjoy the last 10 days ;0)
Jane x

Wendy said...

Wow, amazing giveaway, there's no way I'd give one of your handmade treasures away, it'd be MINE!

Anne said...

Hi Mia, A bit of cleaning and a lot of baking at my house. Thank you for another fun giveaway.

Please put my name in your Santa hat. (-:

Happy counting (10 days to go)


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

hi there Mia, Happy 15th to you! Count me in the lovely giveaway! What a wonderful chance to have a Miashandmade❤ You know I love your craft!!
Hope you have a nice weekend, wrapping and tree buying for us! Can't wait for the evergreen smell : )

Helen Philipps said...

Hello Mia What a sweet idea to have a giveaway of some of your gorgeous makes! Please put my name in the draw. This weekend we are buying the last few presents, wrapping them all and enjoying some new Christmas lights and candles :)
Have a festive time!
Helen x

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Mia! Thank you so much for giving to us sweet presents! We had lovely day and I was sitting outside with my 'lunch' coffee. But at night it's cold and now my hands would like your sweet mittens. I'm off to knit my sleeping socks! I wish you wonderful Sunday! x Teje

Anonymous said...

<erry Christmas! What a lovely idea to give away presents. I think my favourite is the red bag at the top but they are all beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Lol that was meant to be 'Merry Christmas'! It's been a long day.

Gill said...

Thank you for your kindness Mia! I love the red pouch!

Karen said...

I always am inspired and in awe of your creations; yhank you for the chance to win a little bit of your wonderful work. Merry Christmas, Karen

Ingrid Hopson said...

I'd love any of your giveaways. Congrats on selling all you other stuff. The birds are also rly shape.
Happy christmas

Ingrid Hopson said...

I'd love any of your giveaways. Congrats on selling all you other stuff. The birds are also rly shape.
Happy christmas

Anonymous said...

How generous Mia, what a lovely giveaway, thank you so much! :)
Everything is so pretty. :)
Please pop me in the hat or whatever we're going to be popped into. ;)
Have a wonderful weekend,
Vivienne x

Megumi said...

You are very generous!

My daughter came back from college, so we are going to make cookies! I am almost done with shopping besides my son. His birthday was 14th. It is hard to have birthday so close to Christmas. Usually end up giving him money...... He is still having a hard final week at his college and no mood in deciding what he would like.

Wish you another happy day to you.


Beth said...

Hi Mia, what a wonderful and generous giveaway - I'd be more than happy to win any of them (fingers and toes crossed!). I've spent today wrapping and we got our tree yesterday so I'm finally feeling festive. Thanks for the giveaway. Bethx (thelinencat)

heartsease54 said...

As you know, I love your stuff! I wouldn't mind having any of these, but I love the purse. I only have a few cards to finish, no more trips to town either, so I can pop in my Christmas movies & just enjoy the next week or so.

Crafts @ Home said...

What a wonderful giveway, I love them all, especially the little birds :)
Sue Xxx

το χειρότεχνο said...

hello! i just find your blog . you make wonderful things!!!!

m :) said...

You are so generous to have such a lovely giveaway! and I'd like to participate to add another Mia collection ;)
I'm always big fan of your snowman (as well)! Enjoy each Christmassy day! yes, it's almost there, indeed!

best wishes,
M :)

Simone said...

Hi Mia! I found you through Vivienne's blog. Please pop me in the Christmas stocking for a chance of winning one of your beautiful creations!

chrissie said...

Hi Mia
You giveaways are so wonderful.... my favourite is the red pouch but they are all delightful. Do have a very Happy Christmas.

Mia said...

**Thank you all, comments now closed! I will be back with the winners soon...


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