December 17th

With this morning's paper we got the TV-guide until 25th already! After a shock of "is it that late yet?" I took a look, saw some classics (for our Christmas at least) and I thought to share a few. Take a look, please, and who knows, maybe you're watching one or two same:

On 24th 
-The Snowman, a true cry-sure classic (have you seen Jane's wonderful Snowman-wrapping-paper?)
-Jiminy Cricket's Christmas, we've watched this every year since 1986 or so, and Donald Duck wrapping the presents cracks us up every year. This also is on the evening when children (and me) have opened the presents, and the wonderful meal has been enjoyed. A few snores here and there might be heard...

On 25th
- Wonderful life, a classic also, and I think I almost know the lines by heart
- Downton Abbey (I might need to record this and enjoy it later, we're finally on season 3, and I can't miss any episode Christmas or not) 

Around 26-28th
- Cyrano de Bergerac (with Gerard Depardieu naturally), it's the series of 8 episodes or so and they need to be watched one after one. You can do something else like knit/eat chocolate/nap but you need to get a climpse of each episode (even I know these lines by heart too) 

...and then there are the DVD's like Love Actually (a must see before Christmas with my Sis), Keeping Up Appearences Christmas Specials, Hercule Poirots's Christmas and the favorites of the small ones like Curious George A Monkey Christmas and Maisy's Christmas.

What are your must-sees?


Lovely 17th of December, only a week now!


EDIT. Giveaway still on here until the 19th! Welcome!


Jane said...

What excellent Christmas viewing Mia.I so love the Snowman (as you well know). I want to see the brand new Snowman and Snowdog being shown here on Christmas day. Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife (you would love this) both have Christmas specials on. We will be setting up our Humax to record everything just in case. On Christmas Eve we will be watching the 1994 version of Miracle on 34th Street on DVD before we dash off to bed before Santa arrives. Happy 17th my dear,
Jane x

Mia said...

Dear Jane,

That new Snowman (and the little orange-nosed dog!) sounds wonderful, please let us know after you've seen it how it was! And Downton Abbey is my favorite (we haven't got a Christmas-special, just an episode from season 3 but it's a must-must-see still!)... Lovely times ahead of us!

Happy day!


Teje Karjalainen said...

Sounds great Mia! I'm just waiting the Downton Abbey so start but I'm not sure if they so it because the channel is on strike. I think we need to take some dvd:s for the Christmas. Cant'a believe that next Monday is aatto! x Teje

Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Here in Finland we have seasons 1&2 on DVD already and season 3 is "coming soon" of Downton, so just in case it will not air at yours soon you could ask Santa some DVD's :) - I'm sure they'll be available at yours already or soon at least.

I can't believe it either, in a weeks time aatto is almost over ;) This month has been so so quick!

Enjoy the last days before joulu!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hi Mia, We have a lot of the same favorites!!! I love Miracle on 34th Street, Downton Abbey, and all Christmas CD's. I have Christmas music going almost at all times on the weekend. Downton Abbey starts here in January and my husband and I can't wait. I am wrapping up a storm, my hands and back are sore. Happy 17th to you dear Mia.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be watching the Downton Abbey Christmas special without a doubt, I love it!
Another Christmas favourite which was on TV last weekend is Elf, oh my goodness that is such a funny film no matter how many times you see it!
Vivienne x

Anne said...

Love Actually and the Snowman are at the top of my list. I just discovered the Hercule Poirot movie this month.

Counting the days until season 3 of Downton Abbey---we have to wait until 6 January 2013 here.

Happy watching to all......

Mia said...

Hello dear Robin,

I am so happy to read all your favorites, and it seems that Downton is loved absolutely everywhere!

I wish you happily-busy days!


Mia said...

Hello dear Vivienne,

I qam just a bit ;) jealous of your Downton C-special... but thankfully it's on every Tuesday here and it still comes on 25th too, a real must-see ;)

Lovely last week before Holidays!


Mia said...

Hello sweet Anne,

I have all the Hercule Poirot's (with David Suchet as Poirot and my absolutely favorite Captain Hastings is Hugh Fraser) on DVD, and I love them! I just warhced HP's Christmas yesterday!

I wish you lovely days, and happy counting!


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