December 5th

Here in Finland we usually have a clear winter, spring, summer and autumn (this year has been a long rain-season though), and seasons are really different. Amount of light is the main thing, and that gets many of us to change our home-decoration accordingly. After a light and airy spring and summer autumn brings darker nights and chillier weather, and all wool throws, dark colors and extra-lights are introduced. All this is pretty usual here, and then there's little extra, too... I have quite a few things I take out only for Christmas, and I actually have something in that very spot all year round, but there's a Christmas-one to use in December. Let me show you:

My morning-mugs! They go from happy yellow to pretty blue, and the candleholders and the coasters change accordingly! Wonderfully sunny butterfly coaster is by the sweetest Teje (thank you dear friend, they can be seen more closely here) and the pretty blue&white crocheted ones were a gift from dear Anne, thank you so much!
The little kitchen-jars for important things. Moomins will go and Christmassy red&white arrive...

Towels in kitchen and toilet (these are changed often, of course, but the red-theme is only used around Christmas and maybe in Valentine's) get some red and...

...the cookie jar not only gets festive but it also doubles *oops*. These are the first festive things already changed around here, and little later this month curtains and bedlinen will follow, I will keep you posted! How about your home?


I am next off to Post to ship the last custom-order for 2012 *little dance*, and then I will do some shopping for Finland's 95th Birthday tomorrow. My list? Chocolate, marshmallows, some blue&white cookie sprinkles, gingerbread-dough *oops again*...

Happy Wednesday and see you here tomorrow again!



Anonymous said...

What a good idea twice as many cookies in December!! ;)
I have some 'special coasters' too for Christmas, they'll be coming out tonight as I hope to get my tree up and begin my decorating. :)
Happy 95th birthday Finland!!!! Have fun celebrating. :)
Vivienne x

Anne said...

Love to see all of the Christmasy changes in your home, Mia!! Even special towels for the season.

Get out the blue and white....Happy 95th Birthday to you, Finland!!

Have a great week! (I'll be out-of-town soon)

Happy Counting and celebrating to all,

Teje Karjalainen said...

Mia, I love to see your Moomi mugs and Finnish candle glasses! Have fun with your Christmas changes and decoration!
I wish you great celebration tomorrow - you have prepared well, I see. I hope to see you dancing in the President's Castle if I'm able to watch that from the internet!
Hugs from Teje

Jane said...

I love your Moomins Mia. I too love to get things out for different season's. I have my Christmas apron and oven gloves and Christmas mugs already in use. Happy 5th, it's so cold here today and we even had a dusting of snow this morning (it was gone within 2 hours ;0)
Jane x

mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Sweet mia, Happy 5th to you! I have special "just Christmas" things, like mugs, few dishes, apron, and the like. I think it makes the holidays that much more spectacular! Love hearing from you each day.
Until tomorrow,xoRobin❤
Have fun Celebrating my friend : )

Megumi said...

Fun to see Moomins. I grew up with Moomins in Japan. It was quite popular! I was watching the show all the time as a child. Funny I don't see them at all in the US.

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

I think we just about double all eating around Christmas but especially all sweets... Oh my.

I wish you lovely day and weekend soon too!


Mia said...

Thank you, Anne!

We have had a great Independence Day so far and I wish you're having great time too!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Linnan Juhlat are on full swing but this year AGAIN we're celebrating from home, where are our invites ;) ?

I wish you're having a wonderful day too!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

I am so happy to see, that Moomins are quite a hit all around :)
I wish you pretty days, just a hint of snow to make your garden winter wonderland, maybe?


Mia said...

Sweet Robin,

Your house is so so so festive around Christmas, thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! Let's enjoy this season!


Mia said...

Dear Megumi,

I am so happy to hear the Moomins are dear to you too! We Finns sort of grow into them from childhood, they're literally everywhere in our everyday lives, the books of course, and then the tv-series (still on telly!), mugs, fabrics, towels, candy, scissors etc.etc. You name it - we have Moomins-version of it :)

Have a lovely day!


Beth said...

Hello lovely Mia,

I am so far behind you have so many posts for me to read! I love that you change things around for the seasons. Here we mostly just add decorations for Christmas, otherwise it stays the same, but I like your ideas much better.

Happy Belated Birthday to Finland!


Mia said...

Hello Beth,

I happily change things for almost every season, but that means I have A LOT OF STUFF - too much I must say...

I wish you happy days before Christmas!


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