December 8th

Oh dear friends, I have been shopping all day and I am exhausted but very, very happy! I got to spend a whole day with my best-ever sister, we got some shopping done for Christmas and home-decor AND I found yet an another addition to my ever-growing snowman collection. I am off to sauna soon, and will be back about this fabulous trip tomorrow, but today it's time to show the last Christmas Stockings 2012.

There's little snowman with his birdie friends:
 Lovely snowflakes on back and inside too... Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow...
And then there's a little birdie with Christmas-flowers:
 Some pretty flowers (or are those lingonberries?) on back...
 ...and in lining too!
Both just large enough for something special to be found on 24th (in here), and on 25th (my friends little further).

Happy December 8th!



Jane said...

These are just so festive Mia, gorgeous reds and the lining is just perfect. Have a lovely evening my dear,
Jane x

Teje Karjalainen said...

Mia, I'm hapy to hear that you had wonderful shopping day! Beautiful Christmas socks - they look warm and could be almost worn as a pair! We don't have sauna but I have new hot water bottle and it's great under my feet when I have siesta nap. Happy Sunday Mia! x Teje

Anonymous said...

They're gorgeous Mia, love them! :)
I've been shopping too, it's mad out there!!! ;)
V xxx

Anne said...

Mia, Your stockings are better every year.

My favorite is the white birdie and lingonberries fabric.

Happiest weekend,

Mia said...

Thank you ladies! I love making the stockings, and if I just could start a little earlier each year, there would be many more... I just need to write down the ideas and use them next year!

Happy day!


Beth said...

I'm glad you got to spend a lovely day with your Sister. The stockings are great, I especially like the Bird with Christmas flowers, but then who can resist a snowman?


Mia said...

I know, Beth, snowmen are my favorites! In decoration AND craft...

...Have a lovely week!


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