The very last...

...days of 2012 are here! Traditionally I haven taken a look back around this time to see, what has happened during last 12months - and with pictures of course. I will tackle my handmade-year tomorrow, here are some moments of my 2012:
January and February were horribly cold here, yet blue skies and frosty nature made everything beautiful. We made a little trip to our favorite castle, and in March I gained yet an another year... and got some wonderful gifts. Thank you still once dear blogging-friends for your warmth and kindness.
April and May were snowy yet much more lighter (that miracle really happens every year!), and we spent a lot of time outside. In Easter-time we were still enjoying the snow, but finally in May it started to disappear, and everything started to turn greener and greener. We almost smelled the summer already but...
...it started to rain, and it poured all the way through June and July. The summer never really came this year. But the summer-months were really busy this year, I got my bag into a real magazine, and that got me making many-many-many cat-bags and pouches and other kitty-things. So all in all having my holidays in December instead of June-July wasn't that bad after all!
In August whole Finland stopped whatever we were doing, and we were glued to the telly to enjoy the Olympics. Medal-wise it wasn't a great success for us *ahem* but otherwise it was just fantastic -thank you UK!  September and October were spent under the umbrella again (it actually rained here solid 6months in a row and then it started to snow), and many of us Finns (read: me) were somewhat tired, we hadn't seen sun in months literally. Thankfully nature came to our rescue once again and turned into a color-riot. A bliss.
November and December were more or less spent waiting the Christmas... The usual story here when the gray and cold days strike, dreaming of the best family-holiday of all year helps tremendously (and a 4-year-old around you reminds of the days-to-go quite well also). We didn't get to make the Sister's in Helsinki-trip this year, but we managed to get a sneak peak into IKEA in Kuopio, and even the day was stormy and gray it was fantastic. Quality-sisters-time at its best so to say. This Christmas-time got covered pretty well in 1-25 December blogging, even I had many doubts if I would manage it once again.  What a lovely surprise it was that after a few days start up-difficulties I ended up enjoying it a  lot. I wish you all liked it too! 
It's funny how difficult it was to find pictures of my year not having something to do with my handmades. Tomorrow's 2012 will be much easier, and that tells me something about this year: there should be more balance between work and other life, they go hand in hand obviously, but it should not be 24/7. This shall be my New Year's resolution - what will yours be?

Happy last days of 2012 - and we'll see here tomorrow again (if you're not too busy celebrating!)!



faith76 said...

Have a wonderful 2013! And Happy new year! Hope it does not rain for you as much next year too :-)

Jane said...

What a lovely recap of 2012 dear Mia,despite the rain! I have so enjoyed your posts and seeing the world through Finnish eyes. Looking forward to seeing your handmadebymia post tomorrow,
Jane x

Mia said...

Happy New Year 2013 to you too, Faith!


Mia said...

Thank you Jane!

I am very, very faithful that 2013 can't be as rainy as 2012 - poor Finland will drown otherwise :)

Have a lovely last day of 2012 and we'll see here tomorrow!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a lovely review of 2012 (except the rain of course!!!).
I know I've said it many times but 2012 was a very fast year. It disappeared in a flash!
Looking forward to the crafty review tomorrow
Vivienne xxx

Anne said...

What a fun review of your year, Mia!!!
Can't wait to look back at some of your many creations.

Happy 2013.....(almost)


Teje Karjalainen said...

Dear Mia, beautiful photos and vise thoughts! I love to see 'home' in your posts! I do hope that the New Year brings you all the best and hot summer! Thank you for taking time to make us the Christmas calendar, which I enjoyed very much! See you next year my friend! x Teje

Mia said...

Thank you, Vivienne!

Here's to a great and DRY New Year 2013! Happy celebrations!


Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

And Happy New Year 2013 to you all!

Talk to you soon again...


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Ihanaa Uutta Vuotta! Toivotan teille kaikille mitä parhainta tulevaa vuotta, ja aurinkoa saa laittaa tulemaan aina kun on ylimääräistä :)

See you here and at yours soon again!


Megumi said...

It was fun to see some activities you had! The hotel (the castle) is amazing. Wow you had a lot of rain. I really wish we could exchange some sun and rain between us. We need more rain!
I wish you more sunny days for 2013.

Mia said...

Hello dear Megumi,

I wish we could just pack up some weather we have plenty (read:too much) and send it to someone in need! I wish next year we'll be more balanced: we get a lot of sun and your land gets the water it needs!

Have a wonderful New Year!


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