On the better side

It's 16th of January, and that makes it official: we're on the better side of this long (read: miserable) month! Yippee! I know it's pre-spring and all, but after the Christmas-holidays January has so little to offer, and unfortunately there are no birthdays or anything special to celebrate. Last year we took a mini-break, and it was the greatest thing ever, something we really should consider keeping as a tradition!

Getting back to business after the holidays wasn't that hard this year, but getting used to ever-so-quickly-changing seasons will take some more time. It feels that Christmas was just yesterday, and now we should be getting ready for the Valentines's Day already? If you just take a look at Etsy's frontpage (my marketing venue), it's right there: "The Valentine's Day/Jewelry" - was it this early last year? I am only talking about my business-side, in "real life" I still have a few snowmen here and there and needles from the Christmas tree will be found around the house in July.

I am not complaining, just wondering how early one should start to keep up all these happy occasions with themed-items (Valentine's, Easter, teacher's gifts when summer holidays start - all just around the corner)? My dream would be to keep my shop closed for whole December this year (and every year, really) to make some stock for 2014, but that would need me to be early with my Christmas2013-things and... Oh, I do not know! As you may have guessed, I am making plans and calculations for this new year, and like every large and always-growing business *ahem* I am dividing my year in quarters, and I am officially marking the Valentine's day as "done" with these two cute pouches I am showing you today. I only have two hands, after all!

Happy Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

And very cute Valentine makes they are too. :)
Everything is always ahead of time, we never enjoy anything when we are supposed to as we are already thinking of the next 'big' thing!!
Mind you when I was food shopping this morning there were Easter eggs on the shelves but to be honest I don't mind that as I could do Easter all year round!
Happy Wednesday Mia,
V xxxxxxxxxx

Jane said...

Valentine's Day really is just around the corner Mia. Time flies doesn't it? These are 2 very special bags your have made, the second one looks like yummy Neapolitan ice cream to me. It is good to know that spring is on it's way. Keep snug,
Jane x

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

I know, it's something I'm guilty also, wishing it was this and that "already" instead of enjoying the present moment. I love Ester too, it's my favorite holiday (after C!), and and some bunnies will be hopping into my shop this year I'm sure!

Happy day!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

I just realized today that it's LESS than a month until Valentine's! Oh my!

I wish you happy and warm days, when will you open your studio officially for this spring?


Megumi said...

I love the color combination of your pouches! They are cheerful. I have been enjoying your elephant and fox too. I love them!


Mia said...

Thank you, Megumi!

I wish you loveliest week, and hope that it's a bit better weather at yours, it's freezingly cold here... Spring where are you?!


Anne said...

THe shops here are always pushing for the next holiday. On Saturday, I saw Easter sweets on a low shelf!!!

Happy to hear you've had so many Valentine orders.

Best wishes,

Teje Karjalainen said...

Dear Mia, great post! I don't think it's right that just when finnishing Christmas, we should start for Valentine's. It's difficult that we alwasy have to concider the shipping time. I hope you can have next December holidays! I love your sweet new pouches! Happy weekend my friend! x Teje

Pam said...

They are very sweet Mia - and not just for Valentine's Day!
I agree with Jane about the neapolitan icecream - very yummy.
P xx

ps - hope January isn't being too bad for you xx

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Oh my, Easter eggs already at your too? I haven't seen them here YET ;)

I wish you wonderful weekend, dear friend, stay warm&cozy!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

I know, when we are shipping things from "all the way here", it needs very careful planning. That's on reason I would like to have my shop closed for December - there wouldn't be those sleepless night worrying if the items people have ordered for Christmas will arrive in time...

Have a great weekend, and please send some sunshine!


Mia said...

Hello Pam,

Thank you - and my thoughts exactly, happy little birdies in love can be used every day!

It's been alright January so far but nor it's FREEZING, it's -28C as I type...too cold!

Happy weekend to you, I wish it's sunny and pretty at yours!


Lalav said...

I totally understand you! I run a drama company that producea shows for children: christmas starts in September and in June we're planning schools opening!

Mia said...

Hello Lalav,

Wonderful to have others too "worrying" this same thing! I think life goes too fast in general :) but that's just me too stressed at times. But now it's time to relax:

Happy weekend!


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