Summer stay with me

May is almost over, and wow! what a month it has been! It's been hot, sunny and summery, just like in best days of June or even July. I am a bit worried for the rest of the summer as it's started this great but hey, even if there were not a single sunny day more this summer, it would still 100% better than last year.

I have had quite a few things to do, but when there's been a minute to spare I've run outside and barefoot if possible... Fantastic! And all this green has inspired me to make some traditional summer things that usually have appeared here in July, but I just couldn't resist...  So here we go: Strawberries!

Strawberry clutch! Oh and how I love that lining-fabric...

Strawberry phone cozy, starring the same cute lining. And last but not least...

Some new strawberry pins! With little birdies, naturally. Welcome summer!

These all can be found in my shop here, and I think more of these ever-so-summer things will appear there soon - I love this kind of inspiration!

Happy last days of May!



ANNE D T said...

Dear Mia,

Very happy to see some strawberry beauties before July!!

Are the kielo blooming? Ours are just started.
It was a sunny long weekend here. Now, a bit rainy. Getting caught up on painting, etc.

Happy late May,
PlumCreek Studio

Jane said...

I'm glad you had a sunny May Mia and how good to see my favourite strawberry inspired goodies. Funnily enough I had my stawberry brooch on today. We had a lovely sunny bank holiday in the end but the rain has returned again today. I am waiting for a hopefully flaming June. Happy week my friend,
Jane x

Lyn said...

They are beautiful....very summery!

The Faerie Factory said...

So glad you've had the sunshine, we have had small glimpses here in the UK but mainly it's been grey and wet :( Your strawberries have brightened my day though :)

Megumi said...

Dear Mia,

How pretty those green color, straw
berries and the lining! (Yes, I love mine!)
Nice to hear you are having warm weather. Enjoy the sun!
My garden is getting more colorful. Flowers are blooming and humming bird(s) are buzzing. I hear birds are chirping. My weather has been rainy and cold, but it is good for trees and flowers.

Hope you will keep getting sunshine.


Beth said...

Hello Mia,

I am so very pleased to hear that your May has been so sunny and warm and your little strawberry and birds are very, very cute, especially the new pins.

Let's hope the sunny weather continues!


mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Hello there Summer girl, Mia!
Love the strawberries in all their forms!!! Great toe nail color too.
I hope you have days and months of this lovely green and sunny weather! I really does the soul good : )

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Hello my friend, so happy that you have had a wonderful sunny May. I have returned from the sun to rain!!!
Lovely to see all your beautiful sunny summer crafting, love the strawberries! :)
Wishing you a happy weekend and hopefully June will be just as sunny for you!
V xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Mia, I'm so happy to hear that you have had great summer weather! I hope it continues looooong time! I love these strawberry inspired sweeties!
Happy weekend my friend! x Teje

Mia said...

Hello all wonderful ladies,

It's been such a busy a few days, that I am answering to all in one comment:

Hello Anne,

Kielo is not blooming yet (in some parts of Finland yes), but it shouldn't take long... I can't wait!

Wishing you lovely, sunny days!


Hello Jane,

I knew you would enjoy the strawberry-theme, and I am so happy the little pin is still in use!

I wish your June has started beautifully and sunny!


Thank you Lyn, happy first week June!


Hello Sarah,

I am so happy you liked my strawberries! I wish your June has been beautiful so far, and it'll keep shining!


Hello Megumi,

I am in love with that strawberry-fabric (and I am so happy you like yours!), and I keep using it when ever I can :)

I wish your June has been sunny and pretty, and your garden is in full bloom!


Hello Beth,

Our June has been fantastic so far (fingers crossed), and I wish yours is pretty too? Wishing you happy and creative days...


Hello Robin,

We've had so beautiful days, that I just can't believe it, sunny almost 24/7 - I wish this continues, my summer-toes love it!

Wishing you the most wonderful June!


Welcome back, Vivienne!

I hope your weather turns better soon, and you can enjoy sunny moments in your garden (when you're not busybusybusy with the wedding-stuff!!)... Happy June!


Hello Teje,

It's so pretty and sunny here, I wish you could visit Finland right now! I wish you many happy moments in your garden...with some lovely paper-piecing I assume :)

Happy kesäkuu!


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