Tuesday afternoon

Hello everybody,

And some pretty deep apologizes for my absence. It was not my plan to post only three times *ahem* during June, but sometimes life just happens. But now it's July already, oh my, and we still have that beautiful sunshine around here! It's been a bit cooler (rainy&stormy lately too), but wonderful still, and over +20C every day. No complaints. What have I been doing then? The usual knitting, ice-cream eating, biking, knitting, sorting things, knitting... It seems I can't toss my beloved needles no matter how hot it gets. But hey, I have tried some other yarns than felting-wool... Can you believe it?

I have tried cotton, and some hemp, and I also have read and re-read my own (and library's) stash of knitting-books. It's funny how you think you remember how to do things, and then you realize that you just don't. Simple things like knitting stripes on round when you're not tossing the piece to a washer and shrinking it 50% has gotten me pulling my hair out. But I am getting there... And more of these efforts later.


Did you spot my new mug? I know I know I know it seems a bit matchy with the nail polish and the shirt, but that was a pure coincidence. It really was. The pink knitting might be too much there, I admit, but I'm a pink girl (my mom knows that too, she bought me the mug) and proud of it. 

When I was sipping my tea from that pretty mug earlier today, I spotted the calendar on the wall, and realized, that it's my etsy-shop's birthday coming soon! I wish to celebrate that with some sort of sale a bit later (the b-day is July 16th), and I am planning a giveaway too, but for today I just had to add there something from those early years...

... a few Moomins with something little extra:

Moomin-charms!Those early days I used to make keyrings for my shop of these, but the very last ones I found when I sorted my stash(s) just needed to accompany the last Moomins-scraps to make pretty pouches. And as you can see, reused they really all are; that Little My has been played since 1992 or so and her skirt has seen better days, but she matches perfectly to that Little My pouch. Unique that is, for sure! The Moomins can be seen more closely here, and giveaways and all other birthday- festivities will be announced here in  my blog shortly too. So we'll see here soon again, that's a promise!

Happy Tuesday!



Helen Philipps said...

Such a pretty post, I love all your pink pretties today Mia! Your new knitting looks delicious, and the little pouches with matching moomin charms are so sweet!
Helen x

Mia said...

Hello Helen,

Thank you for your lovely comment! I am finding the "usual" (not for felting) knitting fantastic again, and it's all coming back to me slowly...But it was hard to pick up "normal sized" needles at the first, 3's and 4's feel tiny :)after my 6's and 8's!

Have a wonderful first week of July!


Jane said...

Hello my dear pink friend, how perfectly you match your pretty new mug ;0) I am glad you have been busy and having fun with your knitting. Those Moomin charms are so sweet,you know just how much I love Moomins as that is how we met ;0) Happy July and here's to more sunny days. Jane x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lots of pink going on over here today! :)
Love the knitting and your beloved Moomins!
Wishing you (and me too) lots more sunshine in July!
V xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mia, I have missed you! That mug has to be new - I haven't seen it yet - it's the sweetest and cutest and so you!!!I love also pink! Your Moomin pouches are 'dangerous' - I feel that I want to have a collection! Happy July and may the sunshine continue! x Teje
Ps. Soon my sister is coming to Savitaipale from England - I wish I were too!

Mia said...

Hello Jane,

I know, Moomins bring people together :) just like us! And as you said, I am a serious pink girl... What can I say?

Have a wonderful week, may it be sunny and bright! Kisses to Billy too!


Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

I know that you're not that much of a pink-fan (prefer green, perhaps :) ?), but oh my, I seem to gather it around me where ever I go... And need to share it with you all wonderful people!

Wedding Bells busy-busy-busy???

Lovely week!


Mia said...

Hello Teje,

Sorry I've been away (not literally but blog-wise), these summer-days seem just go so quick... And my Niiskuneiti-mug is this years new one, I think, it's this: http://store.iittala.com/epages/iittala.sf/fi_FI/?ObjectPath=/Shops/iittala/Products/A018725 - and pretty "me", huh?

I wish you could visit Finland now too, it's so summery here. I wish your sister the best visit ever!

Happy first week of July!


Megumi said...

Hi Mia, from Japan!
I went shopping yesterday to a big department store, and saw A LOT of Moomin goods. They are very popular this summer too. The pink mug is really cute.
Moomin charms are nice touch. Love them!
GH who is sitting right next me wants your mug. May be we find one here.
Happy start of July.

Mia said...

Hello dear Megumi & GH,

SO happy to her your greetings from Japan, I wish you've had the best time? And oh it would be wonderful to see Japanese shops with Moomins!

Wishing you the most wonderful July days, and all the best for all of you! We'll talk soon again!


Anne said...

Hi Mia, What a festival of pink AND Moomins!! So fun to see all your matching things. Well done, Mom. I love that mug, too.

You really did get into your stash of fabric.
Congrats on your shop's birthday!!!

Happy July from sunny Michigan.....
PlumCreek Studio

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Pink seems to be my color, no matter how much I try :) and even I have decided I do not need any more cups or mugs this one stole my heart! It just makes you smile...

Wishing you the loveliest July, may it be sunny and happy!


Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Hello Mia,

I notice lots of folk are slowing down their frequency of blogging at the moment (including me) it must be the weather, I think it's nice to change the pace every so often. Loving your pink (really, for you, pink ;) - ha ha) mug, my boys have Moomin crockery and love it. As for those charms, they are super cute and it's a great way to use them, on the zippered pouches. Bethx

Mia said...

Hello Beth,

I am really on a slow-motion, I keep reading a blog-post here and there, but even leaving a comment seems to be harder than usual :) after a day in sun. But I think that's alright to slow down, as you said, there will be enough cold and rainy and snowy evenings for blogging... But not soon I wish!

Happy Thursday!


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