Snowing Sale Saturday

It snows, and I thought: "What would be a better way if not celebrate that but almost than a little sale?" Everything (shipping fees excluded) is -20% in my shop with the conveniently chosen code SNOWING - happy Saturday!



mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Mia sweet Mia, Aren't you so kind to have a sale! I will have a peek!
Happy day and weekend to you my friend, xoRobin

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Such cute mittens! :)
Sales are definitely better than snow!
Happy weekend Mia,
V xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mia! Snow sounds nice but I hope you don't have too cold there! Please order nice weather for the beginning of the April! I'm flying then ...
Hugs! x Teje
PS. I do my best to fill my suitcase with sunshine!

Jane said...

Keep warm my dear and hope your sale goes well xx

Megumi said...

Oh those are solo cute! Happy week to you! Megumi

Anne D T said...

It is still mitten weather here. Best wishes for your sale, Mia!!


Mia said...

Thank you so much, you lovely ladies!

Happy last week of January!


Helen Philipps said...

Happy February! Such pretty mittens, Mia! I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Helen xx

Mia said...

Thank you, Helen,

And a wonderful February, and happy weekend to you too!

Many greetings from snowy Finland!


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