The winning ticket

Hello all, and happy first whole week of October! Sun shines here (chilly it is but never mind), and it is the time to reveal my fingerless mittens giveaway-winner. I was planning to use an adorable model of 2yrs to pick up the winner, but my to-do-list for today did not allow it. I really wanted to get the winner out asap, and it is getting dark here already, so not-so-adorable 42 ageless model (read: me) picked up the winner, and while having the camera on the other hand... Well I got the job done with just a little shaky result and here we go:

All in to a Moomins jar (please ignore the biscuit crumbs, I had eat the last cookies so I could use the jar), and some shake-it-shake-it...

...and the picket-y-pick:

... It's Jane from Jane's Journal, hip hooray! And once I was in a picking-mood, I wanted to pick an another too for little something surprise so here I went:

... it's Andrea! Yippee! So Jane & Andrea, I will be in touch really soon, and will ship Jane's mittens & little something to Andrea during next a few days.

Thank you so so much all of you who participated, and happy Monday! See you here soon again!



greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well done Jane and Andrea too, lucky ladies! :)
And well done to you too....eating all those cookies so you could have an empty tin, I know, I know, someone had to do it!!! ;)
Happy new week,

Mia said...

Hello Vivienne,

I knew you would understand the sacrifices I make for these posts ;) such as eating a few (read:many) cookies so I could use the tin!

Have a wonderful week too, dear friend!


mustakissa said...

Happy girls! Congratulations!

Aivan ihania kämmekkäitä nuo kaikki!

Mia said...

Kiitokset kauniit, mustakissa! Täällä Joensuun suunnalla kämmekkät ei olis tänään ollu yhtään liikaa, huh mikä koleus, tervetuloa lokakuu :) Toivotaan että aurinko jaksaa vielä lämmittää!

Mukavaa viikkoa!


Unknown said...

Congrats to Andrea & Jane. Big thank you for holding the giveaway, Mia.

Happy and creative October for all of your readers....

Anne D.T.

Jane said...

Oh woop woop Mia, I am so thrilled to have won! I have had a long day at work and this is just the best news to come home to. Thanks SO much my dear and well done to Andrea too. xx

Mia said...

Hello Anne,

Thank you! The most wonderful October to you too, may it be sunny and bright!


Mia said...

Hello Jane,

Lovely to send you this parcel, I am just off to take it to Post. Wishing you sunny and happy days though, even the mittens might need to wait a little still...

Lovely October-week!


Simone said...

I love your Moomin tin! I love all your mittens too! :-)

Mia said...

Hello Simone,

Thanks for the Moomin-love :) Happy to share these with lovely people all around world.

Have a wonderful autumn!


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