Good morning

Good morning from snowy Finland! 

We are getting closer to Holidays, the first Advent will be in this coming Sunday - time really flies! This should be the busiest time of the year for us crafters and web-shop sellers, but I just put the following announcement to my Etsy-shop:

IMPORTANT: We have had (and still have) some Postal strikes in Finland, and the impacts are uncertain, so if YOU ARE IN HURRY or YOU HAVE A CERTAIN DATE you need your item, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER from me at this point as I can not guarantee how long it will take. This goes with CHRISTMAS also. I apologize any inconvenience and am SO SORRY!

---A seller saying "Please do not order from me" just before Christmas & middle of the busiest season?! That's right. We are having a big big big fight in our Postal system at the moment, and it can't be said how long this will take. I was angry at first then sad, then sorry for myself and all the other web-sellers who will lost a big chunk of their (and mine) income with this, but then I went to just "Alright, we will live with this. There are far more important things in life than my Christmas-sales for sure" and "My friends abroad will understand that they will not get any Christmas cards or presents from me this year, they will be so so happy to get something in January" - and this got me sad again. I do understand the point of these strikes, Postmen&other staff are fighting for their already small salaries which the big bosses would love to cut down but still - the timing! Could it be any worse? Really? We have had a long economic depression here in Finland, and they think this will help? The wise men (read: politicians) are moaning how our sales to abroad are too slow - this will help? Not be able to deliver the things ordered? Getting angry again... You see the circle I am following: angry-sad-sorry-angry...I need some coffee and a good cookie right now, just like me&Sis had last weekend:

We went to a happy shopping trip to Kuopio (some 135 kilometers from here) last Saturday, hit the Matkus shopping center and IKEA. And we had wonderful time. Not that much money spent but time together just us girls and great coffee, giggles and some happy Christmas lights did the trick. Christmas Spirit was found, and I wish to keep it going. And stop worrying the little things, and focus on good, sharing the lightness and brightness to you and yours:

So let's enjoy these happy stockings I made and managed to ship before the strikes, and let's focus on happy things! 

I have planned a re-appearance of the Christmas-calendar (previous years starting here and here), and if I need to close my shop (which is necessary if the negotiations will not develop), I will have all the time in the world to focus on it! So a little taste what will be coming around December 1st:

Happy last whole week of November, dear friends!



mynestofyarnandbuttons said...

Oh my dear Mia, That is all so sad. I am sad for you and all the buyers who will not be able to have your lovely and brilliant creations. Thank goodness I have many for my Christmas from other years......but still this is really poor timing. Tell us about the calendar and who is the sweet mousy in the last photo, love her!
I wish peace of mind and happy thoughts for the holidays, they can't take that away from you.
Beautiful snow in wintry Finland.

Mia said...

Hello dear Robin,

Thank you for your lovely message, it is wonderful to hear that things you have from me for Christmas will still be loved this year - that is the best a crafter can hear :) I will show you more of Anna the Mouse and her friends during December, if everything goes as I have planned (eh...fingers crossed!), I should have something to show to you each (1. -25.12) day. But we will see, Anna is really excited of all this :)

Happy days to you, dear friend!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe how awful for you Mia, I really don't know how these things are supposed to help economies, really I don't!!! It just seems so unfair to little businesses. Maybe (fingers crossed) it will get sorted soon, I do hope so!
Thank goodness for little Anna Mouse to brighten the day, I'm looking forward to your countdown!!
Happy Week my friend and keep cosy!
V xxx

Mia said...

Hello dear Vivienne,

Thank you for the understanding, that's what I need (even it sounds selfish to complain, I know, the things are all good in my life other than this!), the negotiations are not getting anywhere apparently *sigh* anytime soon.

Anna will be appearing here with many of her friends during December I wish, I am setting up really heavy lights (we have plenty from all that building we have done over the years!) so the dark days will not be a problem to my picture-taking. I am getting really excited on this project, and forget everything else negative!

Happy week, dear friend!


Teje Karjalainen said...

Dear Mia, I'm so sorry. They know to choose the worst timing. Seasonal sellings are so important and Christmas is the most important. I do hope they stop the strike soon but you know better about the situation. Yesterday I was thinking about Christmas calendar you had those years and Nero & Hanna few years ago. I'm really happy if you can do that again but sad for the reason you will have the free time. Snow looks so beautiful and gives light! Hugs! x Teje

Jane said...

Hi dear Mia what aweful timing for your shop. Strikes affect the very people who use the services. ..it's so sad. On a brighter note I'm so glad that you had some Christmas shopping time with your sis. Your snowy garden looks beautiful.....keep warm and I look forward to seeing your Christmas blogging. ....I loved those posts so much xx

Mia said...

Hello dear Teje,

Thank you s much for your comment! It seems that the strike will be a long and hard to resolve (even to New Year and longer!), so I completely have given up the Christmas-stuff making for my shop this year (no point as they will not get anywhere in time) and am concentrating thinking of my Christmas calendar AND spring things already... No point laying down and being sorry for myself :)

Wishing you lovely days, and happy sewing, snowy greetings from koto-Suomi again!


Mia said...

Hello dear Jane,

I know, the timing could not be worse but I am sure the strikers (is that a word?) also know that, and it will probably help them (or that's what they hope at least). But we had a wonderful trip, and I found some pretty little things for Christmas which I would have needed to order via mail which this year... You see? It all works out after all, and I am pretty excited of my countdown this year - I wish it will turn out cute!

Lovely Christmas-crafting, dear friend!


Unknown said...

Hello Mia, What a rotten luck for you and all Finnish internet shopkeepers. I am very sorry that strike is going on now (right before Christmas)!! I hope the managers and strikers will work things out.
Super happy you and your Sister could go to Kuopio. Every one needs a break. I was at Ikea for a short visit last week, too.

Looking forward to another Christmas calendar. Thinking of you and let's look ahead....(P.S. I had read a bit of comments on IG about the strike)

Anne D.T. xx

Gillian said...

That's really sad about the postal strike - infuriating too! I hope it will be sorted out soon so that your shop - and others - can start functioning again for Christmas.

Mia said...

Hello dear Anne,

I am so sorry too, I think my gifts&cards this year to you and all the other friends abroad will arrive really, really late :( But I wish my little countdown will make up for some of that, I am really excited about it already!

Happy November days, dear friend, it still rains (!!) here!


Mia said...

Hello dear Gillian,

It really is a sad thing, and the worst part is that I can not really do anything about it except think positive and start looking to future&spring! They are negotiating again today, let's hope for a good result!

Lovely November days!


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