Little bugs and more...

I keep going with the scrap theme. This time I paired them with some sturdy linen and made cute little cozies. These could be for cellphones, digital cameras... I lined them with reused cottons too and they close with old, reused buttons.

It would be hard to decide my favorite, maybe little owls, or maybe the ladybug? But the elephants (adorable also) have left the building already, hopefully to make someone smile. Have a happy journey, little elephants!

And the fabrics I got yesterday? I´ll post them a bit later, but yes, they´re worth waiting for!


Melinda said...

Hi Mia - Great fabrics! I like those little elephants very much.

Mia said...

Hi again, Melinda! It´s nice to have you visiting me again!

I like the elephant fabric too, and it made the cutest cozy and a bag. You can see the bag here:

Have a wonderful weekend!