The shoemakers children have no shoes

I have sewn if not hundreds at least quite a few bags and pouches during last two years (it was little over two years ago when I started to sew after fifteen years or so without touching a sewing machine) but my camera still waits its pouch. Or waited until today. I made a padded fabric scrap "Birdy says HI!" pouch and now my camera has a new, pretty home. I am so happy!

I also thrifted some pretty fabrics today (oops, I was not supposed to... well they were too adorable to be left behind) and show you the pictures tomorrow. I´ll give my camera rest in its new home and the fabrics hang outside on my washing line. In meanwhile I´ll go and sew a pouch or two - to make some room for my new beauties.

Have a wonderful week!


parTea lady said...

Love your camera bag - it is so bright and cheerful.

Mia said...

Thanks! That was my idea too, to make it bright and happy and also easy to find :) and best of all: it makes me smile!

Have a wonderful day!


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