It´s only a month away...

...Christmas that is! It makes me so happy - just to think about it. I love everything in Christmas, but the most wonderful thing is that we´ll have some free time as a family. Everyone has been so deathly busy, we really need some time together (and off work). I am dreaming of three weeks break but my boss has not confirmed yet. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I made a felt holiday-bag, as you can see! It it not the most traditional snowman bag - there is a happy little guy holding his colorful (button)balloons. At least the lining is somewhat christmassy.

We (me and my sis) managed to get most of our Christmas shopping done on last Saturday - so now it is just a four weeks of waiting - and hopefully little by little slowing things down. If only I could leave those wools alone!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!