The very last one...

...Felted bag before Christmas, that is.

There´s a Christmas carol in Finland (probably you sing it in English also but I am too lazy to google that now, sorry) where we sing about summer coming into our winter and that´s what inspired me to make yet an another flowery felted bag. Now I am putting my needles down for a bit and concentrate on Holidays. Yippee!

I only have a week before my three week holidays (confirmed by my dear boss two days ago!) so I am really cheerful. I am happily doing bits and bobs - some cleaning, some Christmas cards, some sewing (for me, that is!) and really getting into holiday spirits - I wish you all that too! We have had some snow too and it´s pretty and white outside.

The only minus (quite literally) is that some forecasts tell us that next week we´re really getting a winter here. They say it might drop down to -30-35C which I consider pretty cold. Well we´ll see, maybe it won´t get that bad after all. And a week before holidays - I´ll be singing come rain or shine!

Happy weekend!

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