I have wanted to try covering my own buttons for a while (yes, that´s been on my to-do list along the fabric scarf and many other wonderful ideas) and some time ago I finally managed to order the stuff. And some good stuff it was, and came from here quickly - thank you Agnes!

I had a button factory running in full speed here on last Saturday and my dear Sis assisting. Actually it was her who made most of those pretty buttons as I was tearing my hair out: all but one of my Moomin fabrics had too large images. Too bad.

But look at the other pretty buttons we (read: she) made! I just wanted to get them in use immediately and started to think of a felted pouch without needle felted figures (can there be one?) and I remembered my all time favorite stitch: a moss stitch!

I knitted a few pouches some of our buttons in mind, lined them matchingly and oh, how I like them! I am already knitting a bag with moss stitch and yes, most likely it will have one of those buttons too.

It feels lovely to make something new (even it´s not that big, just same old wool but it feels different to me) and also yet an another thing done from my to-do list! And, hey: it was just as good as I though if not even better!

Have a great Tuesday!


Agnes said...

thanks! nice buttons and pouches! so cute!

Mia said...

Thank you, Agnes! And as you said, I am addicted already ;)

Have a wonderful day and many greetings from Finland!