Happy Easter already!

I have blogged about buying handmade earlier, but every single time I do so it still amazes me. How talented, creative and kind people crafters are. They make pretty, unique things, they explain to dummy (read: me) buyers how to use their shops and how to pay and all this with a smile in their face. How amazing is that?

I ordered these beauties from hugely talented Beth from The Linen Cat. They did not only arrive in record time but also packaged so pretty I almost could not open them - and there was an extra gift for me inside too. Oh yes indeed, I purchased these as gifts, and my nephew has already collected his and one is for my mom.

How could I make such a mistake - ordering only four? Beth, here I come... I definitely need some for me too!

Happy Easter even it´s a bit early!


Anonymous said...

Mia, you are too kind and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks for giving The Linen Cat such a wonderful write up, it's made me smile after quite a trying day (we have returned safely and in good time from our Yorkshire trip but the sick, car bound children are making life a bit hard work). Your second batch of cosies are on their way and I hope they arrive safe and sound shortly.

Thanks again, Bethx

Mia said...

Thank you so much, Beth!
Your dedication to your customers is just perfect, thank you so much for getting back to me yesterday and sending my second batch this quickly!

I am happy to hear you´re all safe at home (even with some troubles in a way!) and I wish you the brightest and sunniest Easter week!


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