Rainy days

The Finnish summer gives its best: rain, cold, stormy weather with yet some more rain. Did I mention rain? I was planning to sew sky blue summery bags and pouches this week and line them with flowers and sunny yellow cottons. Yeah right. I have been sewing some watery blue bags instead. They´re pretty cute too, don´t you think?

Now I am off to chase all the garden furniture gone with the wind around our back yard (again) and shop some BBQ delicacies. To cook indoors, naturally.

Have a great weekend!


parTea lady said...

Those are really nice tote bags. The blue color is great and the fabrics are extremely cute.

Better not mention how the weather is here in GA. ;=)

Mia said...

Thank you parTea lady! I like how the bags turned out (despite the bad weather ;) ) and THANKYOU not letting me know how sun shines back there... It was great here for three or so days also but now it´s been just miserable for this week. It will get better I am sure!


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