Summer brings the birdies too

It´s the first day of my holidays and it´s been wonderful so far. I spent the morning (and most of the day, too) with my wonderful sister and the world´s most adorable nephew. Sun shined and birds were singing. Absolute bliss.

The birds inspired me to decorate a cute felted bag I knitted last weekend. The bag is adorable (even if I say so myself) and went to the shop. I assume there are more birdies awaiting - could someone knit me more bags, please?


parTea lady said...

That is a really nice felted bag - the bird appliques are so cute. I have wanted to try felted wool applique for a while now, but first I'd better finish all my quilt tops.

Mia said...

Thank you parTea lady, I like it too. And please do try felting but be warned, it´s really addictive :)!

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