I have thing for glass jars. I use them to store absolutely everything. They are perfect for my buttons (which I have quite a few), and my favorite hobby is to organize them in colors (buttons, not jars). It´s most relaxing and of course it makes crafting way more easy, I´ll find right buttons quick. The jars also make my crafting space look like a battle field, colorful yes but messy too.

I also have a thing for clean, white, uncluttered crafting spaces and that does not go well with my jar&button addiction. I am always dreaming of a work space which has everything hidden, maybe with little handmade tags to tell where to find ribbons and lace.

But if I had everything nicely covered, would it be impossible me to create as I do not see all the wonderful things I have? Maybe I still keep dreaming of a perfect craft room and continue creating my colorful, whimsical little things on my overflowing table. That actually makes perfect sense, and I am quite happy. I´ll toast for that, with a pickle jar, naturally.

Happy Sunday!


Shsjndkdns said...

Hi Mia,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your jars of buttons, it makes them look like sweeties! I keep my ribbons in a jar but maybe I should get some more for my buttons. I will be checking back to your blog soon xx Gem

Mia said...

Thanks for your visit, Gem! I loved your blog and your fabrics and bags and...I´ll be back too :)

Have a lovely week beginning!


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