Down memory lane

ME: I think we dress like two old bores nowadays...
MY SIS: Yeah right? And what are we then?
ME: No, I mean do you still remember the 90s? We used more accessories...
We had some hats and skirts... I had many fancy bags...I even wore heels!
MS: That was 2001 or so.
ME: Was it?
MS: Yup, in the 90s you only wore black and pink together, and that includes your make-up.
ME: *horrified* No!
MS: Take it from me, pink&black it was.
ME: Thank goddess I do not do that any longer.
MS: Precisely.

ME: Look, sis, I got myself a new pair of trainers. They´re fab, dontcha think?

MS: ...


Happy Monday, everyone!


parTea lady said...

Well, I've worn beehive hair and almost white lipstick, so I don't think your 90's outfits were too strange. ;-)

I like pink & black together. Your trainers are really cute.

Mia said...

Thanks for sharing, made me feel much better :) I actually still wear pink and black sometimes. Once great always wonderful ;) ?

Have a lovely Monday!


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