Wow, just look at those! (Oh, I was not supposed to start with that line but could not help myself.) Just look at those!

You, who thrift and go flea markets and charity shops regularly, are familiar with the wow effect. It strikes when something catches you eye, maybe a corner of fabric or just the colors (like on those Smurffs, I just saw one corner, recognized the colors and wow). Your heart starts to beat faster, maybe your hands start to tremble (not to mention moist, even) and you know there´s something just for you. Oh happiness.

In my hometown there are not that many charity shops and they´re quite quickly seen. I try not to visit them too often as I want to be surprised. I constantly dream about the thrifting tours to England, Belgium and even all the way to US but...they´re just dreams. I enjoy (read: love) reading other bloggers stories and finds (and try my best to be genuinely happy for them).

And you, who do not thrift, this is quite hard to explain. Why an old pillowcase or two might make one´s day? My only advise is to go and find out. I guarantee you´ll be surprised. Let me know how, please!

Raindrops are falling... Happy Tuesday!

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