It grows...

I think it´s autumn already. I mean in my mind. I went to shopping today and even all the summery dresses were -50% off, I wanted to buy yarn. So I did.

I have wanted to knit this Lehmus scarf (designed by very talented Sari Åström) for a long time but I have always been too busy or up to something else. The pattern is easy to follow and the leaves are just so pretty. I wanted to try it with little thicker yarn (I have done most of my bigger scarfs using mohair or something very very light), so I was very happy to come across Finnish yarn manufacturer Novita`s yarn which is 65% wool & 35% bamboo. Feels like silk, it´s wonderful to knit and it was on sale. It´s always great to get something Finnish, even for a one little project.

I´m off to knit -happily doing my k3, yo, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, skp, yo, k3´s probably until the wee hours. Have a great Tuesday!

P.S. This yarn was also approved by my adorable nephew (10months), he dropped the cheap-acrylic-also-included ball immediately and would not let me pick it up again. What a wonderful and wise boy, I must say, biased or else.


parTea lady said...

That scarf will be so pretty. I really like that leaf pattern.

Mia said...

Thank you! I already finished the scarf, it needs blocking still so I´ll show it to you in a few days. The pattern is gorgeous!

mieke willems said...

waw mia that looks beautiful and impressive also! nice choice of yarn too!

thanks for the lovely message on our blog today! we also wish you could come over once for a tea in the shop! maybe one day! here it's warm now, but last week was rain and in the weekend will be rain again!! hope the sun will shine soon in finland for you!

all the best and "see" you soon!

Mia said...

Hi again Mieke!

I need to pop into you shop virtually every now and then just to see your beautiful things :)

Thank for visiting again and yippee! fingers crossed: it seems NOT to rain today...



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