A perfect find

The other day I read on someone´s blog about the greatest thrifting finds ever. For some it was a large, wooden shelf which can be pimped to perfection and someone had find that last, missing book for a childhood´s favorite series. I started to think all my findings too (and there a quite a few).

I found this pretty, pink basket (it was 0,5eur which is about 0,7usd) while thrifting some time ago. I did not think much of it then, just liked the color (and the price) and as my sister (a wise mother of a wise, quality conscious boy) says "one cannot have too many baskets" I bought it. I took it home and it sat on my closet for a while before getting into action.

See that now? It is perfect. Perfect for my little felted pretties. So that is my perfect find (for now) but I definitely keep looking still.

And what´s in the basket then? Most you have already seen but here´re the latest:

Have a happy Thursday - and the weekend is just around the corner!


parTea lady said...

That is a nice basket and it looks great filled with your felted bags. The bags are so pretty with their bright colors and little appliqued birds.

Mia said...

Thank you so much once again! I think this little basket is just so pretty with all my felts, and when they fly out one by one I keep doing more as it looks great when it´s full!

Have a great weekend!

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