Old and new-old

I have made quite a few totes of this fabric earlier (and some other stuff too), but still every time I use it, it makes me smile. It´s old and reused alright, but the pictures are just so cute. And on this version (oh yes, I haven´t been using the same fabric, it´s always yet an another piece I manage to get my hands into) there´s my all time favorite Moomin character Sniff and a little view into Moomin Valley, too. Lovely.

The other fabric is a newer find (an old fabric, reused), so it´s a new-old for me. It´s pretty yellow with guaranteed-make-you-smile Moomins who seem to be dancing. I could not be happier for my today´s sewing, and I hope that they will make someone else´s day too. They´ll be in the shop later.

Have a great Sunday!

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