My moomin magnets made it into a etsy treasury today - hooray! The picture is not the largest (my bad) so it can be seen better here until 15th July. Thank you, ziemabir!


My moomins travel all over the world and make many Moomin-fans happy. Many of the happy owners have also let me know when their bags and pouches arrive and how they liked them (and I love to hear their feedback). Some also blog about their handmadebyMia´s, and that makes me smile so wide as I can show those to you, too. So my own treasure from New York, here you are! Check out her fantastic blog also - thank you so much, Ksenia!


I have finished the shawl days ago but haven´t taken the pictures yet. It turned out beautiful and you´ll see it tomorrow.

Happy Monday!


Josh said...

Ksenia is still really happy with her bag. She was just showing it off to some house guests this weekend.

PolishOutlander said...

Thanks for mentioning me Mia! :) I've gotten some comments on the bag already.

Mia said...

Thank you both, Ksenia&Josh, for your visit! It always makes me happy when my Moomins are loved. And hopefully by whole family ;)

Many greetings from Finland!


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