The world is a lovely place

I have been around the blogland for some years now, and it has been great. I have made some new friends, got myself a shop and I have seen and learned of many, many things I for sure would not found anywhere else. What still amazes me how wonderful people are around here.

The other day I was contacted by one of those wonderful persons and asked to do a little swap. I have read about swaps and seen some wonderful packages sent between swappers (is that a word, really?) but never participated. Still I jumped in and as she hoped, packed one of my felt cozies with some Little My´s into an envelope and sent it away. Very little did I know...

...that all this would wait for me in a few days. Oh my. When we talked about this swap, I was more than happy with the idea that I would get some ribbons as an exchange to my Hal the bird cozy. Some I did get, indeed. And some more...and more...And some other goodies too. Chocolate, some deco tape, iron-on´s and what had the most personal touch in it (and what touched me the most) was a little handmadebyMia stamp. Hand carved just for me. Sniff.

It was a package filled with love and happiness and will make me smile years still (I think I actually cannot use any of the ribbons a s they´re too sweet for that). My sister also gasped when she saw them so I might need to share some. Actually I have to as this whole idea of swaps is about sharing, I think.

This last photo says it all. Thank you so much, Maike!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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